7 Easy (but Hilarious) April Fool’s Day Pranks to Play on Kids

Get your April Fool’s Day pranks on with this list of easy but hilarious pranks to play on your kids.

Don’t worry, I’m keeping things lighthearted, there will be no therapy required in their futures.

I’ve also put together a list of ideas that are easy to recreate, tricks that use household stuff or simply mess around with the usual to make it unusual.

playful Pranks that pack a gentle punch

These playful pranks will pack a gentle punch so you can have some light-hearted fun with your kids.

1. Blow (!) their minds with a whoopie

Blow up a whoopee cushion and place it under your child’s seat cushion. When they sit down for breakfast or to watch telly, the unmistakable sound guarantees a giggle. The old ones are the best!!

2. Bedroom Door surprise

Tape newspaper or sheets of tissue paper taped together over the entiretly the outside of the doorway into your child’s bedroom.

When they wake up in the morning they’ll open their door and be thoroughly bemused.

3. the disappointing oreo

Prise open an Oreo, carefully scrape out the delicious (!!) cream filling and replace it with toothpaste.

Put the Oreo back together and wait to see what happens with a kiddo takes a bite.

And if you want to go next level prankish, make like this TikTok mum and put food dye into them…

4. Salty Candy Surprise

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Carefully open a packet of candy, empty it into a bowl of salt to coat the candy.

Place the candy back in the packet and await “bleugh” sounds when the kids discover your cunning deed.

5. the curious case of the frozen cereal

You’ll need to prepare this one the night before. Pour cereal and milk into a bowl. Add the spoon, then put the whole lot in the freezer.

When your child goes to eat their cereal they’ll get somewhat of a surprise when the whole darn bowl of cereal comes out in one chunk.

Mrs KC Mama Shows you how on TikTok…

6. everything’s got its eye on the kids

Get some googly eyes and stick them on random things around the home, like fruit, vases, toys (that dont’ already have eyes!), the bathroom mirror.

See how long it takes for kids to realise they’re being watched.

7. the upside down

This is a good play on words for fans of Stranger Things… while the kids are asleep, turn some stuff around the house upside down.

Things like pictures on walls, books, ornaments, cups and plates at the breakfast table. See how long it takes them to realise something is eerily not right.

I hope I’ve given you some quick ‘n’ easy April Fool’s Day ideas you can run with. Let me know how you get on!

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