Easy Christmas marshmallow crafts for kids to make, either on their own or with help. These Christmas marshmallow recipes are a super easy way for kids to make their own treats, simple recipes that are easy on the brain bandwidth for stressed out mums trying to get everything ready for Christmas. They are the perfect recipe for keeping the kids happily occupied in the run up to Christmas day... and there may even be some left over to use as gifts... if they haven't all been eaten as they're made!! Click to Take a look at our curation. The criteria for the roundup is that each recipe is easy to follow and wherever possible is one that you can do with your kids or leave older kids to do by themselves.

Easy Christmas Marshmallow Craft Recipes

This post rounds up 5 really gorgeous marshmallow recipes that are perfect for Christmas kids’ crafts. 

Easy Christmas Marshmallow Craft Recipes

Ready for some super easy Christmas marshmallow craft recipes?

Marshmallow crafts are SO much fun.

They also tend to be super easy.

So Christmas marshmallow craft recipes come high up on my list of things to keep the kids occupied in the run-up to Christmas.

Christmas and marshmallows, what a fabulous combination…

Marshmallows are a big thing in our family at Christmas.

There is nothing better than toasting marshmallows on an open fire. Well, nothing that is except using marshmallows to make gorgeous Christmas treats.

But as with everything to do with cooking and baking in my world, I simply don’t have the brain bandwidth to cope with complicated recipes.

This is especially true in the run up to Christmas, when there simply aren’t enough hours in the day.

Which is why I LOVE these brilliantly easy to follow Christmas marshmallow recipes.

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Take a peak at the curation of Christmas themed marshmallow recipes below.

The criteria for the roundup is that each recipe is easy to follow and wherever possible is one that you can do with your kids or leave older kids to do by themselves.

Easy Christmas Marshmallow Craft Recipes

Marshmallow Penguins

Now these marshmallow penguins are simply to die for!

I think they’d make the perfect teacher gift, they’re so easy to make, that kids from 7+ could easily make them on their own.

Christmas marshmallow recipes, easy marshmallow penguins from Eats Amazing

Find out the three – yes just three – ingredients you’ll need and follow the step-by-step tutorial over on Eats Amazing 

Marshmallow Snowmen

Now this is one for those cold winter’s days in the run up to Christmas, when the kids are feigning boredom and craving hot chocolate.

Get them making these delightful marshmallow snowmen and then they can float them in a nice, warming cup of hot chocolate.

Christmas marshmallow recipes, Christmas marshmallow snowman recipe by It's Always Autumn

Watch the video tutorial or simply follow the step-by-step over on It’s Always Autumn

Christmas Marshmallow Pops

If you want true recipe simplicity with maximum visual impact, this recipes from Two Sisters Crafting is just for you.

It’s a recipe that’s great fun to do with little kids or even one you could leave older children to do on their own.

Christmas marshmallow recipe ideas, Christmas marshmallow pops recipe from Two Sisters Crafting

Follow the step-by-step how-to for this recipe over on Two Sisters Crafting

Christmas Pudding Marshmallow Pops

Now here is simplicity itself… with big visual results. These Christmas pudding marshmallow pops are great to make with kids.

I think they’d make a brilliant edible Christmas table centrepiece – for all the kids out there who don’t like real Christmas pudding. What a great way to get them to eat all their main course, with their eyes on their marshmallow prize!

Christmas marshmallow recipes, Christmas pudding marshmallow pops by Bake Play Smile

See the easy to follow step-by-step over on Bake Play Smile

Marshmallow Seal

Now this marshmallow seal is simply adorable – and ridiculously easy. It takes genius to come up with something so simply perfect!

Christmas marshmallow craft recipes, Marshmallow seal from Super Make It

Find out the two ingredients and how to make your own seals over on Super Make It

So there you go. 5 brilliantly simple, easy to follow, Christmas marshmallow craft recipes. Each one perfect for doing with kids to keep them occupied in the run-up to Christmas or during the bit between Christmas and New Year when time seems to go on forever.

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