The Music Festival Kit checklist For Families

Taking your family along to a music festival is a whole different ballgame to taking yourself along. There is a LOT of stuff to remember.

So, here’s a quick look checklist to use to make sure you’ve packed all the essentials and won’t get caught out.

Remember to pack…

1. Sunscreen and hats

Protect your family from the sun’s harmful rays by packing sunscreen with a high SPF and hats or caps for everyone.

2. have a hydration plan

Different festivals have different rules about what you can and can’t take, partiularly around drinks.

So make sure you know in plenty of time what’s allowed, so you can plan ahead. Staying hyrated is so important and it can also cost a fortune if you get caught out.

3. pack a snack of two… or more

Food is such a money drain at festivals. You might not be able to take snacks into the main arena, but you can make sure you’ve got plenty of low GI (slow-burn, will keep you going for longer) snacks where you are camping.

If you take a cooler along it will keep stuff fresher for longer.

4. portable phone charger

Don’t let your phone run out of juice. This can turn an epic festival day into a miserable one, especially if you need to keep tabs on kids and teens.

So, take a portable charger or power pack and make sure to fully charge everything before you go.

5. first-aid kit

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just the essentials:

  • Antiseptic
  • Insect bite relief
  • Pain relief (check festival rules)
  • Plasters
  • Antihistamines

6. sensible walking shoes

I KNOW!! How boring does this sound. But you will be on your feet for hours at a time. So don’t go with fancy shoes unless you are armed with a backstage pass.

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Instead, go for trainers or hiking boots. You can still look the part with a pair of well chosen Adidas or Salomons.

7. Pac-A-Mac

Seriously! Especially if your festival is in the UK, there is no guarantee of sunshine.

Heavy raincoats are a pain, but lightweight kagools that can be packed away into a little pouch, are a god-send at festivals.

8. Blankets or camping chairs

Bring a foldaway camping or picnic blanket you can roll out at a moment’s notice when you’ve found your spot ahead of a performance or just need to sit and chill.

Or go one better and take those low-legged camping chairs (though I really can’t be bothered!).

9. A bumbag/Fanny Pack/Uniqlo Mini Bag

Until 2023 it was all about the fanny pack/bum bag.

Post 2023, it’s all about the Uniqlo mini crescent bag, which you can sling across your body.

It’s the best way to keep your essentials to hand and safe from pick pocketers.

10. spare cash just in case

Some festivals are now entirely cashless. But if the one you are going to isn’t, it is well worth having some dollar bills/pound notes folded and stashed behind your phone in its case.

11. Wet wipes and sanitiser

Wet wipes are an absolute essential. Yes, there are issues with their eco-credentials.

But if you go for biodegradable wipes that are infused with purified water, you are doing the best you can whilst ensuring that you always have a way to keep everyone (relatively) clean.

12. Sanitiser

Sometimes a wet wipe just isn’t enough. So have a small bottle of hand sanitiser to hand for toilet mishaps etc.

13. Ear plugs and ear defenders

Ear plugs are great for standing a chance of sleeping at night. They are also useful for protecting your ears against super loud festival music.

Take ear defenders for younger kids, especially kids who are sensitive to extreme noise.

Remember to check the festival’s website for any specific rules or prohibited items and make sure you pack accordingly.

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