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Polka Dot Decals For Kids’ Room Walls

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 I keep seeing polka dots everywhere whilst looking at kids’ room and nursery decor.

The wonderful thing about polka dots is that they provide a highlight of colour rather than a solid colour on a wall.

You can buy polka dot wallpaper, but the easiest way to create a statement polka dot wall is by using decals or wall stickers.

Of course, the great thing about decals is that they can be removed easily, which means you can update the look of your child’s room so much more easily(just don’t let your toddler know this!!). 

So here’s a round-up of some of the loveliest polka dot themed walls I’ve seen for kids room, nursery and playrooms.

Plus links for where you can buy similar wall decals

Polka Dot Decals For Kids’ Room Walls

Rainbow confetti polka dot decals

Confetti rainbow polka dot decals

Source: Wall Dressed Up on Etsy

Small black polka dots on white

Black and white polka dot wall decals

Source: Create a similar look using black polka dot wall stickers from Etsy

Ombre polka dot decals

Ombre Polka Dot Wall Decals

Source: Urban Walls on Etsy

Pale grey vinyl polka dot wall stickers

Grey polka dot wall decals, kids room style ideas, decals for kids rooms

Source: Create a similar look using a set of grey polka dot wall stickers from Etsy

Rainbow polka dot decals on white wall


Source: The Design Files. Buy similar set of rainbow polka dot decals on

Gold polka dot wallpaper


Source: Yellow Trace. Create a similar effect to this gold polka dot wallpaper using gold decals from Etsy

Pale pink & gold polka dot vinyl wall stickers


Source: Urban Walls. Buy these Urban Walls vinyl wall stickers on Etsy

So, which polka dot scheme is going to send you dotty?! If you’ve found this post useful, do check out one of our other Kids Room posts, such as IKEA Hacks for Kids Rooms.

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