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Are you scratching your head, wondering what on earth to buy your eight-year-old son for his birthday or for Christmas? Well, dive straight into my carefully curated list of gift ideas for 8-year-old boys. The list is based on things I’ve bought for boys about to turn eight or already bonafide 8-year-olds.

8 year old boy holding a gift
Brilliant gift ideas for 8-year-old boys that slay!

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Whether your son is sporty or bookish or creative, or a mixture of all of the above, there is bound to be at least one perfect gift on this list for him.

  1. NERF Nerfoop - Classic Mini Foam Basketball and Hoop
    £19.99 £14.99

    This is a great gift for those rainy or super cold winter days when a sport-loving boy would still love to be shooting hoops. It goes on the back of a door and comes with a soft mini basketball to minimise the chance of basketball-related incidents!!

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    02/25/2024 06:31 pm GMT
  2. Tony Hawks SS 360 Complete Utopia Mini Skateboard

    My daughter and her boy and girl pals started skateboarding in earnest at around age 8. They are all fans of Tony Hawk (OG pro boarder) skateboards.

    This 'mini' board is great for kids just starting out boarding between 6-9yrs. The board is deemed 'mini' because it is 31" long x 7.25" wide, plus its trucks and wheels are scaled down, making the board lighter and easier to manoeuvre.

    Buy from Amazon Buy from Skatehut
  3. Puro Sound Labs: Volume Limited Bluetooth Headphones

    We have the previous version of these kids' Puro Sound Labs headphones, and they get used for gaming and also come in very useful for the iPad when travelling.

    The headphones have nice and crisp, studio-quality audio while strictly limiting volume to 85dB to keep kids' ears safe.

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    02/27/2024 12:30 am GMT
  4. Wipeout Dry Erase Kids Bike Helmet
    $29.99 $18.79

    How brilliant is this? A bike helmet that comes with wipeable pens. So creative kids can cruise out on their bikes or boards with a different drawing on their helmet every day.

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    02/25/2024 07:41 pm GMT
  5. LEGO Minecraft The Mushroom House Set

    Kids start getting into Minecraft at 8 years old, so this collaboration is bound to be received with open arms by kids excited about diving into Minecraft for the first time whilst still loving Lego.

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    02/25/2024 09:36 pm GMT
  6. Kickmaster Quick Up Goal And Target Shot
    £24.99 £21.99

    This is so clever! A popup goal and target shot practice set. Pack it up, then pop it up, and kids can play anywhere. Also great for smaller gardens when you don't want a permanent goal cluttering up the space.

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    02/25/2024 06:36 pm GMT
  7. Kinetic Sand, Sandisfying Set

    Kinetic sand is popular with kids of all ages. It can be lovely and calming for kids to sit and let the sand run through their hands and lose themselves in creating shapes.

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    02/25/2024 10:16 pm GMT
  8. Football Heartbeat Hoodie
    £28 (at time of publication)

    This football heartbeat hoodie totally sums up the passion for the game for true football fans and footie stars of the future. There are six different colourways.

    Buy from Etsy
  9. SCRIB3D P1 3D Printing Pen

    This 3D pen set is a best-seller on Amazon. It includes a 3D pen, 3 Starter Colours of filament, a stencil book, a project guide and a charger. 3D doodling is a great way for kids to flex their STEM skills without needing to go near a screen.

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    02/25/2024 10:35 pm GMT
  10. Nintendo Switch (OLED Model)
    £295.00 £274.95

    You might well wonder if the Nintendo Lite would be more suited to an 8-year-old. I believe the OLED offers the best value for money. It docks with your TV, and there's a tabletop and handheld mode.

    Most importantly, there are lots of multiplayer Switch games that can't be played on the Lite. The Joy-Con controllers on the OLED can be detached and used as two separate controllers for multiplayer fun with friends.

    Clearly, it is more expensive than the Nintendo Switch Lite, so it could be one to suggest as a club-together gift from family members. Whichever you buy, don't forget to set up the parental controls.

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    03/01/2024 09:11 pm GMT
  11. LEGO Gear Bots (Klutz): Create 8 Machines
    £15.39 £14.65

    This is a great STEAM gift for kids. It's a mix of Lego and paper characters by Klutz, makers of premium book-based activities for kids. Kids can make eight different machines that actually move.

    Buy from Amazon Buy from Waterstones
    02/25/2024 11:20 pm GMT
  12. The Boy At the Back of the Class: Onjali Rauf
    £7.99 £7.35

    The Boy At The Back of the Class is a touching children's novel written by Onjali Q. Raúf. The story gives a child's perspective on the refugee crisis, focusing on a young Syrian boy named Ahmet, who, at the start of the book, is alone, friendless, and sits at the back of the class.

    The story unfolds through the eyes of an empathetic classmate who, along with his friends, embarks on a mission to make Ahmet feel welcome and help reunite him with his family. The book is a heartfelt exploration of friendship, kindness, and the power of small acts to create big changes. I think it is a wonderful book for any child to read - my daughter read it and loved it.

    Buy from Amazon Buy from Waterstones
    03/02/2024 02:35 pm GMT
  13. Dinosaur Kids Interactive Glow in the Dark T-shirt
    £16.99 (at time of publication)

    I've bought a couple of these T-shirts as gifts. When kids draw on the image using the glow pen that comes with the T-shirt or a smartphone torch, they can create their own design that lasts around 5 or ten minutes each time. The T-shirts are machine washable.

    Buy from Etsy
  14. 8 Years of Awesome Cotton Gift Bag
    £3.99 (at time of publication)

    Not strictly a gift, but a lovely way to give gifts to someone turning 8 and it can totally be used after the big day. The cotton bags have a drawstring and come in 25x30cm for smaller gifts or 30x45cm for larger gifts.

    Buy from Etsy
  15. Hot Wires: Plug and play electronics set
    £44.99 £41.99

    The Hot Wires: Plug and Play Electronics Set is a really fun way to introduce girls aged 8-12 to electronics and engineering. This set has over 100 pieces, including wires, switches, and circuits, for kids to build electronic projects. 

    The instructions are easy to follow, and there are over 100 projects, from a flying saucer to a burglar alarm. Kids can also get creative and design their own projects. 

    The pieces are colour-coded and snap together easily. It is a great way for kids to build their engineering skills alongside flexing their creativity. 

    Age: 8+

    Buy from Amazon Buy from Smyths Toys
    03/01/2024 11:41 pm GMT
  16. Ravensburger GraviTrax XXL Starter Set (Amazon Exclusive)
    £109.99 £100.03

    GraviTrax is a 21st-century take on a marble run. There's a variety of tiles, tracks, and action accessories kids can use to create intricate layouts for the marbles to navigate. It is a great STEM toy that helps kids learn about gravity and kinetic energy and encourages creative problem-solving alongside hours of fun.

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    03/01/2024 11:25 pm GMT
  17. John Adams | Edible Science Kit
    £22.99 £19.99

    The John Adams Edible Science Kit is a great mix of fun and education that brings science to life by creating tasty, edible experiments, 15 of them in total.

    It helps kids learn basic scientific principles through digestible experiments like making their own jelly worms or creating drinkable slime. You will need to supply a few kitchen basics, but overall it's a great way for kids to turn the kitchen into a science lab.

    Buy from Amazon Buy from Fenwick
    03/02/2024 01:15 am GMT
  18. You're a Bad Man, Mr. Gum!: Volume 1
    £7.99 £6.97

    The Mr Gum series by Andy Stanton is about Mr Gum, a truly horrible man with a knack for finding himself in bizarre and often surreal adventures in the eccentric town of Lamonic Bibber. The books are filled with zany humour, quirky characters, and wild plot twists that make for an entertaining read.

    Combined with David Tazzyman's lively illustrations, the Mr Gum series offers a delightful blend of silliness and wit perfect for capturing the imaginations of kids used to the fast-paced, immediate gratification of our modern world.

    Buy from Amazon Buy from Waterstones
    03/02/2024 01:31 pm GMT
  19. Snap Circuits Beginner

    The Snap Circuits Beginner set is made up of colour-coded snap-together parts. It is a great way to get kids interested in the basics of electronics and circuitry.

    Kids can easily make more than 20 exciting projects, like a music alarm or a flashlight, without the need for any tools or soldering. The kit's engaging, hands-on approach makes learning about electricity and circuits really fun and accessible.

    Buy from Amazon
    03/02/2024 12:26 pm GMT
  20. KLASK
    £93.55 £64.99

    Klask is like the love child of air hockey and foosball. It's got all the fun of a classic arcade game but right in real life. It's a two-player game (there is a four-player version as well) where you have to manoeuvre game pieces with a magnetic striker under the board. The goal of the game is to shoot the ball into the opponent's goalpost.

    Buy from Amazon
    03/02/2024 12:36 pm GMT
  21. Kay's Anatomy: A Complete (and Completely Disgusting) Guide to the Human Body
    £8.99 £8.27

    This book is a brilliant mix of education and entertainment - the best way for kids to learn. The book is essentially a tour of the human body, explaining how all the body parts function, from the brain to the toes and everything in between.

    The book is filled with fun trivia and disgusting (yet intriguing) facts that keep kids hooked. Beautifully illustrated, Adam Kay has managed to turn biology into a fun and accessible subject for young kids.

    Buy from Amazon Buy from Waterstones
    03/02/2024 01:40 pm GMT
  22. Glow Sketch Interactive Glow In The Dark Pillow Case

    Kids can draw on this cotton pillowcase with a special pen, and the drawing will glow in the dark. What a great gift for kids who aren't huge fans of heading off to bed without a battle!!

    Buy from Amazon
    02/25/2024 06:25 pm GMT


1. Q: What should I consider when buying a gift for an 8-year-old boy? A: Always consider the child’s interests first. Whether they love sports, art, science, or tech, there’s a perfect gift out there for them. Also, bear in mind their developmental stage. At this age, they are often keen on mastering new skills, so gifts that are challenging yet achievable work best.

2. Q: Should I choose an educational toy or just something fun? A: Why not both? The best toys are often those that blend fun with learning. This could mean a science experiment kit, a creative DIY project, or even a challenging puzzle game. Remember, learning doesn’t have to feel like a chore!

3. Q: Are tech gifts appropriate for an 8-year-old? A: Yes, as long as they are age-appropriate and encourage positive tech habits. There are many educational tech toys that promote problem-solving and coding skills. Do keep screen time limits in mind, though.

4. Q: What if I’m unsure of his interests? A: If you’re unsure, opt for versatile gifts. Building sets like LEGO, science kits, or books from popular series are generally well-received. Alternatively, consider a gift that might introduce him to a new hobby.

5. Q: Are books a good gift for an 8-year-old boy? A: Absolutely! Books encourage imagination, build vocabulary, and cultivate a love for reading. Choose age-appropriate books that cater to his interests.

6. Q: What are some unique gift ideas for an 8-year-old boy? A: Think outside the box! Consider items like a dinosaur fossil dig kit, a butterfly garden, or a make-your-own comic book set. Personalized gifts also add a special touch.

7. Q: Is it okay to give an 8-year-old boy a gift card? A: If you’re uncertain about what he might like, a gift card to a favourite store or an online platform can be a great choice. It allows him to pick out exactly what he wants.