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Tooth Fairy Inspiration and Free Printables

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Tooth Fairy Inspiration and Free Printables

Ahhh the Tooth Fairy.

Along with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy is one of the most important characters in a kiddo’s childhood.

M was SO excited when the Tooth Fairy visited to check on her carefully wrapped up baby tooth, which she’d secreted under her pillow in a little jewellery box, complete with a note.

On the advice of a friend’s mum, M had asked in her note, that the Tooth Fairy simply inspect the tooth and leave it behind as a memento.

The Tooth Fairy obliged and left her a hand-written note in fairy pink handwriting… and two shiny £1 coins.

That’s how things went with our first visit from the Tooth Fairy, but how do you go about, ahem, liaising with the Tooth Fairy, to make your kiddo’s experience of her really special?

We’ve put together some lovely Tooth Fairy inspiration and ideas, including some super free printables.

Tooth Fairy Inspiration and Ideas

Free printable Tooth Fairy Notes by Handmade Charlotte

Handmade Charlotte Free Tooth Fairy Notes Printable

Simply download the Tooth Fairy Notes and follow the instructions over on Handmade Charlotte.

Walnut Shell Baby Tooth Box

Walnut Shell Baby Tooth Box, Tooth Fairy Ideas and Inspiration

Isn’t this the most darling idea ever?! Head over to Girl Inspired to find out more about this walnut shell box in the Handmade Winter eBook.

Personalised Tooth Fairy Kit

This Tooth Fairy box has a cute cartoon tooth on its lid and can be personalised with your child’s name. The box comes complete with 10 ‘Tooth Fairy Receipts’ which can be filled in and placed with the box after the Tooth Fairy has visited. There is also a box to tick for the condition of the tooth to encourage brushing. It’s toothtastically brilliance over on

Free printable Tooth Fairy Report Card


I simply love this Tooth Fairy Report Card… and so will your kiddo! Download yours from The Suburban Mum.

Wooden Engraved Tooth Fairy Box

Personalised engraved wooden tooth fairy box

Keep it simple with this chic little wooden engraved Tooth Fairy box. Fly over to Etsy to buy one for your kiddo.

Tooth Fairy Pockets Tutorial

Tooth Fairy Pockets How To

For you or slightly older first-wobbbly-toothers this great how to on Sometimes Homemade shows you step-by-step how to make a felt Tooth Fairy pocket.

My Own Fairy Door

My Own Fairy Door

And to ensure that the Tooth Fairy can get into your kiddo’s bedroom… because they are too tiny to use a real door! Doncha just LOVE this My Own Fairy door?! You can also buy stickers, fairy dust and ickle tiny Tooth Fairy stepping stones over on My Own Fairy.

Hopefully you now feel ready to make your kiddo’s Tooth Fairy experience a truly magical one. If you want to get set on everything you need to know at the onset of the first tooth wobble… head over to our Losing Baby Teeth: The Lowdown.

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Tooth Fairy Inspiration - how to make the Tooth Fairy visit magical