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Here’s a selection of some of the loveliest Easter gift ideas for babies and toddlers. Babies are too young to have discovered the delights of chocolate, so it’s lovely to be able to gift them something to play with or delight their senses instead.

Meanwhile, most toddlers have discovered the deliciousness of chocolate, but it’s still a fab idea to give them something they can play with or look cute in. So here are some lovely ideas that babies and toddlers will love and their parents will appreciate.


  1. TOMY Toomies Hide and Squeak Eggs
    £13.77 £13.06

    My daughter had hours and hours of fun with her own set of these. They were given to her by her grandpa, who keeps chickens. I’ve never established if she thought that the chickens had laid them. 

    Suitable for age: 6 months and up

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    02/20/2024 01:50 pm GMT
  2. Taggies Lovey Soft Toy Sherbet Lamb
    £18.77 £17.09

    The Mary Meyer lamb comforter has just enough stuffing to make it easy for your baby to hold and is scattered with interactive soothing tags for babies to explore.

    Taggies toys became a huge success story over a decade ago when a mom noticed her fascination for satin tags. Taggies Signature Collection by Mary Meyers is the premium line of soothing Taggies toys.

    Suitable for age: 3 months old and up

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    02/18/2024 10:54 am GMT
  3. Little Chick Baby Sleepsuit by Sparks & Daughters

    This gorgeous Little Chick baby sleepsuit is made from 100% cotton and has a cute hand-drawn chick on the front and an egg on the back. It's a great gender-neutral sleepsuit for babies. 

    It's just the cutest gift idea for babies and young toddlers.

    Suitable for age: 0 years to 18 months old

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  4. The Rhyming Rabbit

    Books always make good non-chocolate Easter gifts. Kids can feast on a great story instead of chocolate!!!

    Julia Donaldson is one of my favourite kids’ authors, mainly because her stories are so well-written and rhythmical that they are super easy to read, even if you’re super tired by the time it is bedtime storytime. 

    Suitable for age: 1 year old and up

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  5. Personalised Bunny Baby Leggings by Solesmith

    These gorgeous unisex baby leggings are made from 100% organic cotton and have a cute baby rabbit design on the bottom. Plus, you can have them personalised with a name. If you are looking for ideas for personalised Easter gifts for a baby, look no further!

    Suitable for age: 3 months to 18 months. 

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  6. Peter Rabbit Jack in the Box

    This Peter Rabbit Jack-in-the-Box is adorable. Peter Rabbit and his pals were a big part of my childhood and are also a big part of my daughter’s childhood. What better time to introduce a little more Peter Rabbit into your life than at Easter?!

    Suitable for age: 6 months upwards

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    02/18/2024 10:08 am GMT
  7. Smart Games Bunny Boo

    The Smart Games Bunny Boo provides two-year-old toddlers with unique and engaging ways to develop their spatial awareness, problem-solving skills, and logical thinking. Through progressively challenging puzzles, children learn about concepts above, below, inside, and outside, enhancing their understanding of spatial relationships and fostering cognitive development.

    Smart Games Bunny Boo is a 3D wooden puzzle with 60 challenge cards, graded from easy to hard. The idea is that children match the visuals on the cards using the blocks and smiling rabbits.

    Suitable for age: 2 years old and up

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    02/18/2024 10:19 am GMT
  8. Bunny Rabbit Baby Romper By Wild Things Funky Little Dresses

    This adorable bunny rabbit romper is handmade in linen and has the most delightful heart-shaped pink pockets and bunny ears.

    Suitable for: 3 months to 4 years

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  9. Personalised Wooden Bunny Stacker Toy by My 1st Years

    This darling bunny rabbit rin stacker is made from wood and painted in pretty pastel tones, perfect for Easter.

    The stacker can be personalised with a child's name.

    Suitable for: 1 year plus 

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  10. Jabadabado Wooden Puzzle Unicorn

    This is a delightful little puzzle with seven different figures, including an 'Easter' bunny and a unicorn, perfect as an Easter gift.

    Suitable for ages: 18 months upwards

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  11. Janod Rabbit Bead Maze

    This cool and cute rabbit puzzle is a two-in-one toy. It is a maze to navigate and a shape sorter, which will fascinate toddlers for hours.

    Suitable for age: 18 months upwards

    Buy from Kidly
  12. Personalised Baby Rabbit Footprint Kit By Lucy Coggle

    This gorgeous rabbit footprint kit lets you capture your baby’s tiny footprints forever. There are two rabbit drawings and detailed instructions on how to add your baby’s footprints.

    You can also ask to have the kit personalised with your baby’s name. This is the ultimate Easter gift idea for a baby's first Easter—something you can treasure for many Easters.

    Suitable for: Parents to do with their babies and toddlers

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  13. FSC Certified Rabbit Rocking Ride On Toy

    This adorable rocking rabbit is made from FSC certified forest wood and will delight any tot. Who needs chocolate Easter eggs when you can have this something beautiful for Easter?!

    Suitable for ages: 18 months upwards

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