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Download my Christmas Bingo free printable PDF game ready for kids of all ages to enjoy playing at Christmas parties. There are eight individual cards with cute vintage Christmas images and a set of printable calling cards.

Christmas bingo is a twist on traditional bingo, using festive holiday-season images instead of numbers. Players simply mark off the images on their bingo cards as they’re called out.

It’s a great game to have ready to go with friends and family after a big Christmas meal on Christmas Day or if you’re planning a kid’s party over the holiday season.

Bingo is also a great game to use in the classroom with little kids excited in the run-up to Christmas. It’s an easy game to learn. And alongside being super fun to play, Bingo helps kids with hand-eye coordination, concentration and focus.

Free printable Christmas themed bingo cards with cute Christmas images.
Christmas bingo cards, free to download.


  • Number of Players: 3+
  • Suitable age group: 3+ (with adult help for younger kids)

What you need:

  • Download and print my Christmas Bingo free printable PDF (instructions below).
  • Cut up the calling cards.
  • Marker pens, dabbers or candy/sweets to mark or cover the squares

How to Play:

  1. Give each player a bingo card and a marker, dabber or sweets/candy to cover the squares.
  2. The caller calls out the Christmas-themed pictures or words one at a time from a face-down pile of the calling cards.
  3. Players mark off the corresponding squares on their bingo cards.
  4. The first player to get five squares in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) calls out ‘Bingo!’ and wins the game.


The printable includes a set of eight different bingo cards with cute Christmas images in each of the squares. Plus, a sheet of calling cards to cut out.

I’ve designed the game in a cute vintage style, using traditional Christmas images, including Santa, candy canes, Rudolph and a Christmas stocking.

Set your printer to print two bingo cards to the page, or simply print out one card per page.

It is really easy to download this free printable Christmas Bingo game.

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Download: Christmas Bingo

Glitter Ink Dabbers for Bingo

I really like these glitter ink Bingo dabbers, which will add a little extra festive sparkle to a game of Christmas bingo.

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