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Need a kids party checklist? Grab my free printable kids party planning checklist and breathe a sigh of relief as you rest assured that planning your child’s next birthday party will now be just that little bit easier. 

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Kids party checklist


The thing about hosting a truly wonderful kids party is that it takes a LOT of organisation. It’s like the analogy of watching a duck gliding seemingly effortlessly across a pond, whilst underneath it’s little webbed feet are paddling like crazy. 

So, whilst there are no two ways about it, hosting a kids birthday party is HARD. WORK. There are some things you can do to make your child’s next birthday party just that little bit easier to organise and host. 

One big thing you can do is use a party checklist to make sure you cover off every element in the planning stage, so that you don’t come unstuck on the day. 

Not got a planner to hand? Worry not, simply scroll to the end of this post and grab my free printable kids party planning checklist. 

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I’ve put my years of experience hosting kids parties to good use and listed out all the different elements that you could conceivably need to cover off in the planning and hosting of your next kids party. 

You don’t have to cover off every element for every party, but you’ll be able to choose the things you do and the things you decide not to do, rather than being mid-party and realising that you’ve forgotten something. 

Use my kids party planning tips to go into detail on planning all the different elements of the party. I walk you through absolutely every step of planning a birthday party, from choosing the best date and best time of day, to finding a venue, planning party food and the best kids party games right the way through to getting thank you notes out efficiently after the party. 

You’ll spy links in the checklist, click on these to check out more detailed Mums Make Lists content on an item.

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  • Confirm budget
  • Source and confirm venue
  • Set the date and time of party
  • Decide on party theme 
  • Draw up guest list
  • Send out save the date message / invitation
  • Book party entertainer 
  • Book party equipment
  • Chase up RSVPs
  • Order birthday cake
  • Source and buy party decorations 
  • Plan party activities 
  • Source and buy supplies for party games and prizes 
  • Create mini checklist of all supplies ordered
  • Plan party food menu 
  • Create party food shopping list
  • Buy non-perishable food
  • Buy perishable food
  • Buy drink for adults 
  • Buy party favours / party bags and contents
  • Buy candles for birthday cake
  • Check / buy serving dishes for food
  • Buy napkins / party plates and cups / food boxes 
  • Create party music playlist 
  • Decide / buy party outfit for birthday child 


  • Collect cake
  • Prepare food
  • Blow up balloons
  • Decorate venue
  • Lay out party food 
  • Set up gift station 
  • Stuff party bags / wrap party favours
  • Remember to take pictures
  • Cut the cake / sing happy birthday 
  • Hand out party bags / favours


  • Watch child open birthday gifts 
  • Make note of gifts received 
  • Write and send personalised thank you notes 
  • Enjoy looking back at pictures from party 


Want to grab a downloadable party checklist template that you can print and use ahead of planning each kids party? Well I’ve got one right here. 

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I really hope that this post and the free printable kids party checklist goes someway to helping ease the pain of planning your next kids birthday party.

Just a quick thought, it might be useful to start a file for your party planning, so perhaps it’s worth getting hold of a ring-binder like these.

I’ve got a whole bunch of kids party posts to help you with planning your next kids party. So grab your free printable and then head on over to read up on all the great ways you can save time, brain-bandwidth and money when planning your next party. 

I think a great post to start with is my kids party planning tips post, where I go into great detail on every single aspect of planning a party, in the hope that it means that you have to use brain bandwidth the next you find yourself planning one.

And take a look at my big list of children’s party games, which is one of the most enduring top posts on Mums Make Lists. Plus I’ve got a post on the best indoor and outdoor kids party games and one on super easy kids party games.

I’ve also put together a list of 99 kids party themes, which will hopefully help you narrow down a shortlist of themes to use.

I’d love to know if you have any great party planning tips based on your own experience, so do leave a comment below if you do.

You can also find more useful kids party info on my kids party pinterest board.


FREE kids party checklist, download this free printable pdf kids party planning checklist to make planning your next kids party much easier. Everything you need to prepare and plan for every aspect of your child's birthday party. Great for kids of all ages.


Wednesday 6th of July 2022

Try and fix the time of the party to in between mealtimes, so you don't have to do anything other than offer snacks, that's my top tip. Great checklist by the way!