Kids’ birthday party venue ideas

Stuck for ideas for where to host your child's next birthday party? Here's a list of great kids' birthday party venue ideas to help give you some inspiration

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Stuck for ideas for where to host your child’s next birthday party? Here’s a list of great kids’ birthday party venue ideas to help give you some inspiration. 

Kids’ birthday party venue ideas

There is a lot to be said for hosting your child’s birthday party away from home. 

  • Space isn’t an issue
  • The mess happens outside your home
  • You don’t need to worry about kids marauding around your whole home
  • It’s much easier to contain the party to a set amount of time 

But sometimes it’s hard to think up a venue.

Especially if you don’t want to double-up on what other parents have done before. 

So here’s a list of some really great ideas for birthday party venues.

There’s ideas on the list for every age, from toddlers through to teens. 

Some are just locations and venues, others are where the venue and entertainment are all part of the package. 

Hopefully some of these venue ideas will help you decide on a theme for the party

These are generic ideas, but almost every city, town or village has at least a few of these kinds of venues. 

Have a read of the list and see if there are any venues that spark your imagination. 

Brilliant ideas for kids’ birthday party venues

Sporty venues

Now these locations and venues are brilliant for sporty kids with lots of energy – they are also real parent pleasers, who doesn’t love that there child is being given some exercise whilst being entertained?!

  • Bowling alley 
  • Trampoline centre
  • Mini golf
  • Laser quest 
  • Paint balling
  • Roller disco – local sports centres sometimes run roller disco events or offer them for parties
  • Ice skating rink
  • Soft play centre – either your local community soft play centre or something like Gymboree 
  • Horse riding – own a pony morning or a led hack 
  • Zorbing
  • Swimming pool 
  • Local football club – even some Premier league clubs offer tours and kids’ parties 
  • Tennis club
  • Go-karting
  • Climbing wall or climbing centre
  • Cycling park 
  • Aquapark 

Creative venues

Craft and creativity is becoming a BIG thing for kids’ parties. I especially love it when the craft they make doubles up as the party favour

  • Build-A-Bear – my daughter did this with five friends for her 8th birthday party and they all LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it. Find out more here BuildABear UK and here BuildABear USA
  • Pottery making or painting
  • Forest school 
  • Craft workshop
  • Music workshop or studio
  • Recording studio session – the kids get to record their own pop song – my daughter has been to a party like this, the experience was AMAZING, though the ‘pop group’ they formed was less so 😉 
  • Performance workshops
  • Group dance session
  • Karaoke room 
  • Circus school
  • Special shout out to Lush – my daughter has been to two parties at Lush, they are always a big hit

Foodie venues

Much like the crafting venues above, these are becoming super popular because they are real multi-tasking birthday party venues. The kids get fed, get a party favour and get entertained! 

  • Pizza making
  • Chocolate making 
  • Cookery workshop 

…and just eating venues

Well here’s a thing. I’d say these kind of parties are essentially lunch or dinner parties, so they work better for children from tween age upwards. 

  • Pizza parlour
  • Ice cream or dessert parlour
  • Burger bar 
  • Themed restaurants

Old school fun 

I love taking it back to the old school! Who doesn’t secretly love an amusement arcade?! 

  • Amusement arcade – down at the seaside for added fun 
  • Amusement park – Alton Towers, LegoLand etc
  • The zoo or wildlife park 
  • National Trust properties 
  • Animal experience 
  • City farm or country farm (!)
  • Private cinema screening
  • Aquarium 
  • Theatre show 

Outward bounds

These are great venue and entertainment ideas for older kids. My daughter was invited to her first sleepover party just before she turned nine. She knew the parents and other kids super well. 

  • Glamping
  • Camping
  • Youth hosteling 
  • Family activity centre

On a tight budget?

Now, the weather being what it is in the UK, these outdoor party venues  and locations will be very weather dependent.

But if you plan seasonal activities you can still use an outdoor space in the UK when it’s not a hot sunny day. 

  • Local park or playground
  • The woods
  • The beach 
  • Local community centre or village hall 
  • Church hall
  • Local library
  • Public art galleries
  • Public museums
  • Skateboarding park
  • Shopping mall

I hope there’s something in this list to spark your imagination and help you get that venue booked for your child’s next party.


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