Pin the Tail Printables

Pin the Tail Printables #KidsParty #KidsPartyIdeas

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Here’s a quick list of some really lovely pin the tail printables you can buy and download online. 

Pin the Tail Printables

Pin the tail on the donkey is a kids party game classic. 

But these days you don’t have to go with a donkey. 

You can pin whatever onto whatever. 

Of course, you want that whatever to look super gorgeous. 

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It’s your kiddo’s birthday party after all. 

So, if you’re in the middle of planning your child’s birthday party, here’s a line-up of great pin the tail printables. 

AND if you’re looking for other party game ideas… do take a peak at our Kids Party Games post, that has 30 whole actual ideas for kids’ party games!!

Pin the tail printables

1. Pin the cherry on the ice-cream cone

Yum! This one is a tasty treat for kids to play, from the super creative Capturing Joy blog.

Pin the cherry on the ice-cream, Kids pin the tail printable


2. Pin the Horn on the unicorn

Unicorns are still a thing, will they ever not be? 

My daughter has been transfixed by them ever seeing the Mia Farrow voiced ‘The Last Unicorn’ cartoon. It’s beautiful. 

So, unicorn’s make great alternatives to donkeys! 

I love this printable by Crazy Fox Paper over on Etsy. It’s super great value for money and you can’t argue with over 1700 five star reviews!! 

It’s a digital download, so you can even leave it to the last minute to buy it. 

Pin the tail on the unicorn


3. Pin the tail on the dinosaur

Crazy Paper Fox also do a whole range of other Pin the Tails… including this brilliantly non-scary dinosaur

Pin the tail on the dinosaur


4. Pin the head on the Lego person

I LOVE this! This isn’t so much a downloadable printable, as a how-to with links to where you can print out the elements of the Lego person

Pin the head on the Lego person #KidsParty #ChildrensParty #KidsPartyIdeas #ChildrensPartyIdeas

5. Pin the tail on My Little Pony

Going for a My Little Pony themed party? Then, this Rainbow Dash printable is for you! There’s simple instructions on how to set up and print out Rainbow Dash over on I Watch Them Grow

Pin the tail on the My Little Pony

6. Pin the tail on the donkey

To finish up, we’re going with the classic. The original. pin the tail on the donkey!

There are a few free pin the tail on the donkey printables floating around, but this one over on ParentHub is my favourite – not least because it is easy to download. 

Free pin the tail on the donkey printable

I hope you like one of the free printables and can make use of it for your son or daughter’s birthday party. 


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6 super bright and fun pin the tail printables, each a take on the classic kids party game pin the tail on the donkey. This is an easy, fun indoor party game for young children to play as a kids birthday party game. We've rounded up six of the loveliest pin the tail printables that are either free or great value. #KidsParty #KidsPartyideas #childrensparty #childrenspartyideas

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