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Here’s a roundup of some of the best pre-filled kids’ party bags around at the moment.

7 GREAT pre-filled kids’ party bag IDEAS

Pre-filled kids’ party bags are a great way to give a little something gorgeous without having to spend time finding things to put in the bags and then packing them all up.

The thing is, a lot of the pre-filled party bags out there leave a lot to be desired when it comes to looking good and having lovely things inside them.

At a time when we are all super conscious of not filling the world with yet more disposable stuff, often made of cheap plastic, that gets looked at once and then discarded, it’s really great to be able to give out party bags with stuff that kids will actually love and want to use.

I’ve taken a bit of creative licence to include a couple of options that actually just contain one thing, but that thing is an activity that the kids can craft or make. If you specifically want craft kit ideas, I have another post with a roundup of eight gorgeous kids party craft kits.

I’ve also got a post with a big list of alternative kids party bag filler and party favour ideas with tonnes of great suggestions.

Have a browse through the list and I hope you find the answer to your pre-filled party bag desires!




Little Otter pre-filled party bags are also eco-friendly, so what’s not to love about them?! There are 15 different pre-filled bag options for boys, girls and gender-neutral. My favourite is the unicorn party bag.

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2. personalised magic mug cake kit

I am a big fan of party bags that contain one fabulous thing, especially if it is something that kids can make. This magic mug cake kit, which has everything other than a mug in it, comes with the cake mix, mini chocolate sprinkles, instructions and a dotty wooden fork for eating the cake with.

This kit arrives flat packed for you to pop the few ingredients into the bag and seal with a personalised ‘Thank you for coming to my/our party’ sticker.

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3. Pre-Filled Thank You Party Cone

These brightly coloured party cones filled with treats will delight any party guest. There’s even a ‘thank you’ message on the front, so you could, in theory, say that you’ve covered off thank you notes at the same time. In theory 😉

The cones can be personalised if you place a minimum order of 15.

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The Paper Party Bag Shop has a lovely little selection of eco-friendly party bags.   The bags and their contents are totally plastic-free and have biodegradable/compostable packaging. I love the Trickster Party bag, it’s totally gender-neutral and has some imagination sparking gifts inside.

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5. Personalised Sweetie Strings Kit Party Bag

Who doesn’t love a sweetie string necklace?!! This is a party bag kit that will have kids wide-eyed with delight and adults having a nostalgic moment.

Each sweetie string kit comes in a printed kraft gift bag which can be personalised with a ‘thank you for coming to my party’ sticker. The bags are sent flat packed for you to pop the few ingredients inside.

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6. the curious caterpillar pre-filled party bags

The Curious Caterpillar has a wide array of pre-filled party bags, they have their own website, but they also sell through Amazon, which may well make life super easy for you. There are bags for girls, boys, themed bags and various price-points to help you keep on budget.

My favourite bag is the dinosaur party bag, which has a mask, tattoo, pencil and stickers in a paper party bag.

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These pre-filled kids’ party bags are choc-full of goodies, with a mix of 10-12 treats. There’s savoury and sweet treats, toys, activities, stationery and other lovely things. All the treats come in a twist handle, themed, paper bag.

The bags can be personalised with a child’s name, age and birthday message. There are eight different bag colours and they are all lined with coordinating tissue paper.

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