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Here is a list in alphabetical order of the 99 BEST kids’ birthday party themes for kids’ parties. I’ve also compiled a quick shopping guide and list of my favourite online party supplies stores.

Quick note: If you’re looking for party themes for adults, pop over to my post with 390 party theme ideas for adult parties.


Making a brilliant and unforgettable birthday party for your child is a big project. Deciding on a great party theme is a good starting point for planning the party.

Use this list to make it easier to decide on what the theme will be. Once you have the theme, you can decide where to host the party and start working out the entertainment and the best kids’ party games.

TOP TIP: Draw up a shortlist of theme ideas from the A-Z list and then offer your child a choice between two; that way, you get to stay pretty much in control!

It is a good idea to consider the following things when deciding on a theme:

  • How much time do you have to prepare?
  • How easy will it be to source decorations and supplies?
  • How much money do you have in your party budget?
  • How suitable is the theme for the age of the guests?

Want to know where to get hold of party supplies for a theme? Scroll down to the bottom of the list to check out my quick shopping guide for a selection of the top party themes listed. I’ve also compiled a list of my favourite online kids’ party supply stores.

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100 Kids party themes


This A-Z list of themes contains some absolute classics with more unusual children’s party ideas.

There are themes for boys, girls, gender-neutral, toddlers, first-birthday parties and for tweens and teens.

  1. Art party
  2. Animal petting party
  3. Afternoon tea party 
  4. Alice in Wonderland themed party 
  5. Avengers party
  6. Aeroplane themed party
  7. Bunny birthday party 
  8. Beach party – indoor or outdoor
  9. Baking party 
  10. Bubble party 
  11. Ballet party
  12. Butterflies party
  13. Bowling party
  14. Boho party 
  15. Cricket party 
  16. Construction party
  17. Crafting party
  18. Circus themed party
  19. Cinderella party 
  20. Coding party 
  21. Den survival party
  22. Detective party 
  23. Dance class party
  24. Dinosaur party 
  25. Dragon party 
  26. Donut themed party 
  27. Encanto themed party
  28. Fireman party 
  29. Face painting party
  30. Football party 
  31. Fancy dress party
  32. Flower power party
  33. Fantastic Beasts party
  34. Frozen party theme
  35. Farm party 
  36. Fashionista party
  37. Fortnite party
  38. Glamping party 
  39. Glitz and glamour dress up party 
  40. Garden camping party 
  41. Geology rock party
  42. Glam squad party 
  43. Gymnastics party
  44. Gaming themed party
  45. Hollywood style party 
  46. Hot tub spa party 
  47. Harry Potter party
  48. Horse riding party
  49. Hungry caterpillar party 
  50. Ice cream bar party 
  51. Indoor camping party 
  52. Jungle theme party 
  53. Jewellery making party
  54. Knights mediaeval party 
  55. Karate party
  56. Kite flying party
  57. Music festival party 
  58. Mad scientist party
  59. Movie night sleepover party 
  60. Marvel characters party
  61. Mini golf-themed party
  62. Mermaid party 
  63. Magician party 
  64. Neon party – see my guide to hosting a neon party
  65. Nautical party 
  66. Paw Patrol party
  67. Paddington Bear-themed party 
  68. Polka dot party
  69. Princess party – see my guide to hosting a princess party
  70. Pyjama party 
  71. Peter Rabbit party
  72. Puppy themed party 
  73. Pirate party 
  74. Racing cars party
  75. Robots party
  76. Rainbow themed birthday 
  77. Stranger Things party
  78. Sloth theme party 
  79. Sweet shop party
  80. Star Wars party
  81. Superhero party
  82. Slime party 
  83. Snow White party 
  84. Spa pamper party 
  85. Safari party 
  86. Star Wars party
  87. Space party 
  88. Slumber party
  89. Selfie party
  90. Teddy bears’ picnic party 
  91. Tropical party 
  92. Thomas the Tank Engine party
  93. TikTok theme party 
  94. Train theme party
  95. T-shirt painting party
  96. Unicorn party  
  97. Under the sea theme party 
  98. Willy Wonka-style chocolate party 
  99. Winnie The Pooh party 

I hope at least a few of these themes spark your imagination and help you plan the best party ever for your child. 

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Once you’ve chosen your theme, you’ll need some party supplies to bring your theme to life. I know from experience that it can take forever to source brilliantly themed supplies.

So I thought I’d give you a head start by listing some of my favourite supplies for the above themes.

I hope you find the links useful. I’ve tried to choose from various party supply brands and shops.

You can download my free kids’ party planner printable checklist and add any finds below into the notes.


So, I’ve started working on a big shopping list for some of my favourite kids’ party themes to help get you started. I will add to it over time until it’s a huge great shopping list covering all 99 kids’ party theme ideas on the list.

Do feel free to mention any great discoveries you’ve found in the comments below, and I will check them out and add them in.


1. Art party

There are some great art party supplies over on Etsy

2. Animal petting party

Read this guide on how to host a kids’ animal petting party 

3. Afternoon tea party

Now, how cute are these vintage cups and saucer-style party cups?

4. Alice in Wonderland-themed party 

These Alice in Wonderland paper party plates are lovely, and these are some rather nice Alice in Wonderland party packs, and there are some really gorgeous Alice in Wonderland party bits over on Etsy

5. Avengers party

There’s a great Avengers pinata by Party Pieces, and you can get all manner of Avengers party supplies from So Party Supplies on Etsy

6. Aeroplane-themed party

There’s a darling vintage aeroplane inspired birthday banner over on Etsy, some fab aeroplane printed balloons and paper aeroplane drinking straws and these aeroplane themed photo booth props from Ginger Ray are bound to cause hilarity. 

7. Bunny birthday party 

There are plenty of super cute bunny party supplies from Super Sweet Party to choose from, if you fancy a bit of craft DIY, grab this bunny ears template so you can make bunny ears headbands for all the party guests. I’m unsure how I feel about whacking this adorable bunny head pinata from Hopscotch!! So I might suggest sticking to their bunny birthday party bunting. They’ve got a selection of other bunny party supplies worth checking out. 

8. Beach party – indoor or outdoor

This beach themed birthday cake decorating set is just brilliant. You could grab these beach ball paper party plates from Party Save Smile. And these indoor beach party inflatables are going to set the scene so well. 

9. Baking party 

I suggest you head straight to Craft & Crumb on NotOnTheHighStreet if you want to make your life super easy planning a kids baking party. Craft & Crumb has the most amazing array of eye-pleasing, mouthwatering baking kits, with everything from a pizza biscuit baking kit and a burger and bun cake baking kit to dinosaur biscuits and fairytale cupcakes. Seriously, go and take a look, you won’t be able to resist!

10. Bubble party 

First up, you’ll need a bubble machine, this Gazillion Tornado bubble machine is featured on Amazon as the best bubble machine for non-stop bubbles. You might also find a giant bubble making kit goes down very well with party guests. Clear balloons filled with confetti would make good party decorations, these by Partrama are biodegradable, by far the best way to buy balloons. 

11. Ballet party

This ballet slipper pinata kit from Party Delights is an absolute winner. I’m always much happier about kids bashing a pinata that doesn’t have a face!! These ballet dancer paper cups from Meri Meri would add a lovely touch. Meri Meri also has some fabulous ballerina cupcake toppers

12. Butterflies party 

These edible wafer butterfly cake decorations are just lovely. The wonderful Party Pieces has a divine selection of butterfly themed party supplies, from butterfly topped party gift boxes to butterfly masks, paper plates and hanging decorations and a whole bunch of other butterfly bits and pieces. Take a look at their entire butterfly themed party supplies and take your pick.  

13. Bowling party

Grab these bowling party invites over on Amazon and Etsy has an array of really cool looking bowling party favours, party bag fillers, party boxes and even bowling party hand sanitiser labels!!! 

14. Boho party 

Pop to Pretty Little Party Shop for some gorgeous boho inspired party decorations, including flower garlands. Party Pieces also has a nice selection of boho inspired party pieces.

15. Cricket party

These cricket paper plates on Zazzle can be personalised with the birthday child’s name, as can the green and white cricket themed party favour boxes. These cricket and stumps cupcake toppers are pretty great. NotOnTheHighStreet has a lovely cricket person party decorations pack with bunting, flags and place cards.

16. Construction party

Hopscotch has some brilliant construction party cake toppers amongst a selection of really brilliant construction party decorations and supplies. Oh and check out these traffic cone party hats from Party Delights, they’d make for brilliant party photos!

17. Crafting party

I’ve put together a post on the best crafting kits for kids’ birthday parties. As I mention in the post, the great thing about a crafting party is that the craft the guests make can become their party gift! A nice little money and time saver!

18. Circus theme party

These pre-filled circus themed party bags from The Little Things are really up scale, the price does reflect this, but if you want to go all out, take a peak. The Little Things sells all manner of party favours, the circus party favour boxes are also super cute. Meri Meri has some really lovely circus paper party plates.

19. Donut theme party

Etsy has some brilliant donut themed party supplies, including donut walls, which will no doubt have kids’ eyes out on stalks. The Pretty Little Party Shop has a donut pinata – I guess the dilemma is whether to fill it with mini donuts or whether that would just be too messy! Amazon also has a selection of donut pinatas. Amazon also has a donut themed party set of plates, cups, napkins and straws. And NotOnTheHighStreet has a brilliant donut themed craft kit, that can double-up as a party favour.

20. Encanto theme party

Party Delights has an array of Encanto themed party supplies, from paper plates to shaped balloons. Party Pieces also has some lovely Encanto inspired party bits. Amazon has got an Encanto party set with table cloth, paper plates, cups etc.

21. Gaming theme party

The gaming partywear at Ginger Ray is off-the-scale brilliant, they’ve got everything from gaming controller plates to bunting and gaming controller treat stand. Head to the Ginger Ray website to take a look. I’ve noticed you can also buy the Ginger Ray treat stand on Amazon. There is a brilliant gaming control pinata on Pretty Little Party Shop.

22. Stranger Things theme party

Now, this is certainly a theme for slightly older kids, but even so it’s a super fun one. These Hawkins Middle School pencils would make great party favours. This ‘Friends Don’t Lie’ Stranger Things inspired birthday cake by Every Cake is absolutely epic! Party Delights has Stranger Things paper cups and plates. There are quite a few Stranger Things party supplies on Etsy too.

23. T-shirt painting party

This genius personalised T-shirt painting party kit will make your life SO easy It’s yet another idea that makes for a great birthday party activity that can double up as a party gift.

24. Unicorn theme party

These unicorn party boxes are great for easily creating a theme, and NotOnTheHighStreet has some brilliant unicorn-themed party supplies.


My favourite kids party supplies online stores

Finding great supplies for a kids party can take a LOT of time and effort, so I've put together a list of some of my favourite online stores that have great supplies for kids parties. They've got everything from themed party decorations and accessories to cake toppers, cakes, party bags, party favours, games and literally everything you need to host a great kids party.

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