99 BEST Kids’ party theme ideas

Kids party, party planning, kids party theme ideas

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99 BEST kids’ party theme ideas for kids’ birthday parties. Planning a kids’ birthday party can take a lot of time and effort, having a good theme can make the process a little bit easier. 

Choosing the best kids’ party theme

Making a brilliant and unforgettable birthday party for your child is a big project. 

Whether you’re hosting the party at home or away from home there is a lot to plan. 

Having a party theme is a great way of focusing your efforts – and of putting a smile on all the guests’ faces. 

Once you know your party theme you can make a final decision on where to host the party

You can also start to work out the entertainment. 

TOP TIP: Draw up a shortlist of theme ideas and then offer your child a choice between two of them, that way you get to stay pretty much in control!


  1. Unicorn party 
  2. Arty party 
  3. Rainbow themed birthday 
  4. Detective party 
  5. Princess party
  6. Llama party 
  7. Beach party – indoor or outdoor
  8. X-Factor or other TV talent show
  9. Jungle theme party 
  10. Football party 
  11. Ballet party
  12. Sloth party 
  13. Pepper Pig party 
  14. A favourite cartoon character themed party
  15. Circus party
  16. Cricket party 
  17. Construction party
  18. Farm party 
  19. Glamping party 
  20. Water play party 
  21. Baking party
  22. Minions party 
  23. Butterflies party 
  24. Wild West party 
  25. Candy shop party 
  26. Hello Kitty party 
  27. Sesame Street party
  28. Dance class party
  29. Trampolining party
  30. Bouncy castle party 
  31. Dinosaur party 
  32. Woodland animals party 
  33. Starwars party
  34. Shopkins birthday party 
  35. Dragon party 
  36. Fancy dress party
  37. Harry Potter party 
  38. Jungle themed party
  39. Lego party 
  40. Mad scientist party
  41. Face painting party
  42. Peter Pan party
  43. Pokemon party
  44. Animal petting party
  45. Build-A-Bear party
  46. Scavenger hunt party
  47. Pyjama party 
  48. Movie night sleepover party 
  49. Space party
  50. Hawaiian Luau party  
  51. Coding party 
  52. Superhero party
  53. Colour themed party 
  54. Mermaid party 
  55. Sports Day party
  56. Afternoon tea party 
  57. Teddybears’ picnic party 
  58. Willy Wonka style chocolate party 
  59. Emoji party
  60. Tropical party 
  61. Peter Rabbit party
  62. Sparkle party
  63. Slime party 
  64. Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat party 
  65. Knights medieval party 
  66. Fireman party 
  67. Painting party 
  68. Strawberries and cream themed party 
  69. Puppy themed party 
  70. Enchanted garden party 
  71. Pirate party 
  72. Flower power party
  73. Hungry caterpillar party 
  74. Airplane themed party
  75. Mickey and Minnie Mouse party 
  76. Neon party
  77. Candy floss party  
  78. Alice in Wonderland themed party 
  79. Cinderella party 
  80. Snow White party 
  81. Hollywood style party 
  82. Glitz and glamour dress up party 
  83. Thomas the Tank Engine party
  84. Fantastic Beasts party
  85. LOL Surprise birthday 
  86. Pretty in pink party
  87. Nautical party 
  88. Fairy party
  89. Spa pamper party 
  90. Ice cream party 
  91. Pippi Longstocking party 
  92. Fashionista party
  93. Polka dot party
  94. Jewellery party
  95. Bowling party 
  96. Karate party
  97. Surf party
  98. Robots party
  99. Kite flying party

I really hope that at least a couple of these themes spark your imagination and help you to get planning the best party ever for your child. 


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Kids party, party planning, kids party theme ideas