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Time and again I hear from fellow parents that working out what to put in party bags is the thing most likely to send them over the edge after they’ve sorted a venue, entertainer, party games and food for their child’s birthday party.

Finding stuff that kids will love, that isn’t just a bunch of junk and won’t bankrupt you can be a challenge.

So I’ve put together a list of 101 ideas for party bag fillers that will help you put together bags that will be the talk of the playground.

A selection of the best party bag filler ideas for kids' birthday party goodie bags. A girl holding a party bag and a birthday party.
All the best kids’ party bag filler ideas

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I’ve tried to keep the ideas on this list eco-friendly, original and fun.

I usually suggest aiming for around five things in a party bag, with one or two higher-value items and then two or three tiny fillers.


Buy little pots in bundles or multi-packs where possible and then divide them up into each child’s party bag.

  1. Pot of colour-changing putty
  2. Pot of squeezable putting
  3. Pot of silk clay or modelling clay
  4. Unicorn poo – yes really, it’s a thing!
  5. Mini play doh pot
  6. Bubbles – I love these mini ice-cream bubble bottles


Book – buy a boxset and split it up. Really good book box sets include:

  1. Mr Men box set
  2. Little Misses box set
  3. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Mr. Men Complete Collection Box Set (48 books)
£239.52 £31.95

There are 48 books in the set, which makes it great value for money.

Amazon Buy from Argos
02/19/2024 01:53 am GMT


  1. Wooden toy car
  2. Lego mini figures
  3. Lego craft kit – these are simply genius!
  4. Fidget toys
  5. Bouncy balls
  6. Mini bath duck 
Lego Party Favour Cones

These Lego craft kit party favour cones are simply genius. There are three pieces of white Lego and a little paint set in each. What a novel idea for party favours or party fillers that kids will absolutely love.

Be Distinctive UK | Etsy


  1. Glow stars 
  2. Polaroid photo from the party – here’s a great classic polaroid camera
  3. Surprise party balls – these are just so beautiful and such a clever idea


I thought grouping filler ideas together by age would also be useful.


  1. Wooden Musical Instruments for Toddlers (30 piece set)

    Wooden musical instruments can provide lots of fun for toddlers. How about buying this 30-piece set of instruments and then breaking it up as individual party favours for two-year-olds?

    Buy from Amazon
  2. Safari Rubber Ducks - Baker Ross

    Baker Ross has a selection of different sets of novelty rubber ducks, but this safari set caught my eye. Perfect for safari and zoo animal-themed toddler parties.

    Buy from Baker Ross
  3. Baby Einstein Board Book Library 12-Book Set

    This lovely set of Baby Einstein books has 12 books, perfect for breaking up and giving as 12 individual party favours or popping a book into each guest's party bag.

    Buy from Amazon
  4. Set of 4 Fingerpaints
    £7.74 £7.10

    This set of four fingerpaints is a great party gift for toddlers.

    02/19/2024 12:14 am GMT
  5. Natuce 18 PCS Colorful Wooden Spinning Top

    These little wooden spinning tops are eco-friendly and will hold two-year-olds' attention as they watch the bright colours swirl.

    Buy from Amazon
  6. Greenfibres Sonett Bio Bubbles

    Score big eco-points by gifting Bio Bubbles as party favours. Every two-year-old loves bubbles!

    Buy from Amazon
  7. Twist and Lock Blocks

    These twist and lock blocks are great for developing motor skills in little kids.

    Buy from V&A Shop

Also read: I’ve now curated a bigger list of party bag ideas for toddlers.


How about one of these lovely ideas for party bag fillers or party favours for three-year-olds?

  1. 4 Pots Of Glittery Play Dough
    £10 (at time of publication)

    What is better than play dough? Glittery play dough!! You can buy this gorgeous Djeco play dough in sets of four pots. Give every child a set, or divide them up, pop each pot in a cellophane bag, tie it with a fancy bow and give as individual party favours.

    Buy from Kidly
  2. PlayWrite Junior Gardener Set

    This mini garden tools set is super cute and really tough, great for messy play in the garden and even at the beach.

    Buy from Amazon Buy from eBay
    02/18/2024 06:03 pm GMT
  3. Afufu Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles (Set of four)

    These super cute mini wooden jigsaws are perfect for little three-year-olds' hands. Buy a set and divide it up to give as individual party favours or to help fill party bags.

    Buy from Amazon
    02/18/2024 06:19 pm GMT
  4. Play-Doh Party Bag of 15 pots

    Buy a multi-pack and divide it into party bags or stack two or three together for individual party favours.

    Buy from Amazon Buy from eBay
    02/18/2024 07:33 pm GMT
  5. Make Your Own Unicorn Wand Kit By Cotton Twist
    £3.50 each (at time of publication)

    This is a cute little unicorn wand crafting kit with which three-year-olds can get creative. It's perfect as a party favour or alternative to giving a party bag, especially for unicorn-themed parties.

    Buy from Not On The High Street
  6. Make Your Own Superhero Mask

    These make-your-own mask kits are brilliant for three-year-olds to craft and then make. Give them as party favours or add them to party bags.

    Buy from notonthehighstreet
  7. AKH® Kids Garden Gloves

    These kids' gardening gloves are for ages 3+ and perfect for little kids messing around in the garden. The pairs of gloves can be bought individually or in a two-pack, which gives a little extra cost saving.

    Buy from Amazon
    02/18/2024 06:13 pm GMT


This is a selection of really cool party bag and party favour ideas that four-year-olds will love.

  1. Japanese Paper Balloons
    From £15 (at time of publication)

    Each balloon is individually packaged. PERFECT for ready-made party favours.

    There are sets of four or sets of 10.

  2. Air Dry Clay

    This air-dry clay kit has a rainbow of 48 colours, perfect for dividing up as party favours or popping into party bags for four-year-olds.

    Buy from Amazon
  3. 30 Pieces Felt Animal Masks

    These felt masks are super cute and would make great party bag fillers, especially for animal-themed kids' birthday parties.

    Buy from Amazon
  4. Hair Accessories For Kids (Set of 8)

    Buy this set of 8 lovely dinosaur hairclips to divide up between party bags.

    Buy from Meri Meri
  5. Melissa & Doug Scratch Art

    Scratch-art is super popular with kids, and this party pack set is great for dividing up and using as party favours or popping into party bags for four-year-olds. You could also use it as a craft activity at the birthday party.

    Buy from Amazon Buy from Next
  6. Grow Your Own Mini Magical Garden

    This Grow Your Own Magical Garden set is super fun, it comes complete with pop up unicorns, what’s not to love?!

    Clockwork Soldier | Not On The High Street
  7. Wooden Animal Bookmarks

    This set of 36 brightly coloured wooden animal bookmarks is perfect for dividing up and popping into party bags.

    Buy from Amazon


Wondering what to put in a party bag for a five year old? Here’s my top suggestions for alternative goodie bag fillers or party favours that you can give instead of party bags, that five year old girls and boys will love. 

Five year olds are still at an age where they love lots of loot in their party bag, the thrill of being given a party bag kind of outweighs what is actually in it. But that doesn’t mean you should just fill it with junk! 

Here’s a list of junk-free party bag fillers and favours that five year old kids will think is lovely loot that they will actually use. 


  1. Bigjigs Toys Animal Wooden Yoyos (3pk)

    This set of three animal yoyos is perfect for dividing up as party favours. The yoyos are made from sustainably sourced wood and decorated with non-toxic paint.

    Buy from Amazon Buy from BigJigs
    02/18/2024 11:08 am GMT
  2. Wooden Cup and Ball Game

    This classic game never goes out of style as a challenge for kids.

    Buy from Amazon
  3. Galt Toys, Kitchen Lab, Science Kit for Kids

    This Kitchen Lab STEM kit is a great party favour for five-year-olds. They can learn how to power a clock with an apple amongst other brilliantly fun science experiments.

    Buy from Amazon Buy from eBay
  4. Colourful Creatures Colouring Pencils

    These bright and cute sets of ten colouring pencils make lovely party favours.

    Buy from Little Otter
  5. Dinosaur Biscuit Baking Party Bag By craft & crumb |

    By five-years-old kids love the idea of making their own treats. This dinosaur baking kit is a complete party favour-in-a-box that doubles as a thank-you.

    Buy from Not On The High Street
  6. Little Princess Party Jewellery (Set of 8)

    These little wooden bracelets are fab little party bag fillers that five-year-olds will love to wear.

    Buy from Amazon


Here is a list of really bright and fun party bag filler and party favour ideas for six-year-olds.

  1. Wooden Tangram Puzzles Kids

    Wooden tangram puzzles are brilliant for kids to while away time with. They are also thoughtful party favours as an alternative to providing a party bag at kids' birthday parties.

    Buy from Amazon
  2. Silly Jokes for Funny Kids

    What six-year-old doesn't love a joke? Either to read to themselves or to entertain their family and pals.

    Buy from Amazon Buy from Waterstones
  3. I Am Not A Toilet Roll - The Recycling Project Book

    Kids and their parents will absolutely love this book. It contains a bunch of fun projects to do with old toilet rolls and other bits and bobs that can be found around the house.

    Buy from Amazon Buy from Waterstones
  4. Jacobs Ladder Visual Illusion Toy

    Jacob's Ladder is a Victorian kids' toy that is still popular today. It is mesmerising to watch the wooden slats turn and click-clack up and down.

    Buy from Amazon


Here are some lovely ideas for party favours and party bag fillers for seven-year-olds.

  1. 15 x Sublime Science Party Bags

    Buy a bundle of 15 prefilled Science party bags from Dragon's Den winners, Sublime Science. The kits each contain the following educational and fun science experiments:

    • Gold Sublime Science Party Bags
    • Flying Finger Rockets
    • Air Powered Helicopters
    • Micro-Catchabubbles
    • Rainbow Diffraction Glasses

    Plus a link to a FREE eBook packed with awesome experiments

    Buy from Amazon Buy from Sublime Science
  2. Write Your Own Story Book
    £8.99 £8.15

    There are tips, tasks, and story-theme prompts to help kids write amazing stories.

    Amazon Waterstones
    02/18/2024 09:54 pm GMT
  3. Kids Hair Clips – Meri Meri UK Retail

    These unicorn hair pompom sets are gorgeous. Give them out as party favours or divide the pompoms up and use them as party bag fillers.

    Buy from Meri Meri
  4. Personalised Treat Pots
    £4.95 each (at time of publication)

    The lid has enough space for a name and a few more party details.

  5. LEGO Gel Pen - Red + Minifigures

    This Lego pen comes with a little Lego figure attached. It's a fun party favour that boys and girls will love.

    Buy from Amazon
  6. Monster Truck Car Temporary Tattoos (ten sheets)

    Brrm brrm!! These temporary tattoos will please any boy or girl into big monster trucks!!

    Buy from Amazon


Here are some fabulous ideas for party bag fillers and party favours for eight-year-olds.

  1. Girls Make Your Own Letter Necklace | Girls necklaces | Accessorize UK

    This cute little kit is lovely for kids to make and then they can wear it endlessly.

    Buy from Accessorize
  2. Retro TV Candy Treat Box
    £5.99 (at time of publication)

    These treat boxes are retro style and contain all the penny sweets from yesteryear, so kids will have to fight to keep their parents' hands out!!

    Wicked Uncle
  3. 4 x Large Special Effect Bath Bombs

    These bath bombs are super duper charged with special effects. They're also eco-friendly and the colours won't wreck baths!

    02/19/2024 12:43 am GMT
  4. 4M Lemon Clock

    These lemon clock-making sets are great little science projects and great STEM party favours.

    Buy Now
    02/19/2024 12:48 am GMT
  5. 8 Animal Sticky Notepads

    These cute little animal-shaped sticky notepads come in sets of eight, perfect for party bag fillers.

    Buy from Amazon
  6. 6 Cute Animal Eraser Topper Pencils

    These cute animals eraser-topped brightly coloured pencils make great party bag fillers.

    Buy from Amazon
  7. Personalised T Shirt Painting Kit

    These T-Shirt painting kits are fab. Each kit has a T-shirt, a set of themed stencils, an initial template (personalised for each party guest) and a brush. Use them as a craft activity during a party or give them out as party favours.

    Buy from Not On The High Street


Browse these lovely ideas for party bag fillers and party favours for nine-year-olds.

  1. Golden Jaws Bath Bomb

    These shark-shaped bath bombs are great for girls' and boys' party favours or bag fillers.

    Buy from Not On The High Street
  2. Milk Chocolate Lolly Lick

    These Smile chocolate lollies have a retro 80s feel, which will put a smile on parents' faces too.

    Buy from Hotel Chocolat
  3. Décopatch Elephant Mini Kit

    Decoupage is a lovely craft, it takes a steady hand, so it is great for kids aged 9 years plus. These kits make great party favours.

    Buy from Amazon Buy from Cowling & Wilcox
  4. Friends Are Like Stars Heart Plaque

    Friendships start to become really important for nine-year-olds, so these gorgeous friendship plaques make great party favours for a birthday party of close friends.

    Buy from Sass & Belle
  5. The 3 Minute Gratitude Journal for Kids

    These gratitude journals encourage mindfulness for kids and are lovely party favours for nine-year-olds.

    Buy from Amazon
  6. Edible Paper Money

    Out of ideas for party bag fillers? How about giving cold hard cash? Or, failing that, edible paper money!!

    Buy from Not On The High Street
  7. Friendship Bracelets for Girls (Pack of ten)

    This pack of ten friendship bracelets is perfect for popping a bracelet into each guest's party bag. The bracelets are adjustable, and each has a different pattern.

    Buy from Amazon


Are you wondering what to put in party bags for ten-year-olds? If you are, I’ve put together a roundup of lovely party bag ideas for ten-year-olds. The list is a mix of party bag fillers and party favours that make great alternatives to party bags for ten-year-olds.

  1. Milk Chocolate Love Heart Coin (Set of 18)

    These giant Love Heart chocolate coins make brilliant party favours for ten-year-olds. There are 18 in the set, so they are great value for money as party bag fillers too.

    Buy from Swizzles
  2. Personalised Pre Filled Spotty Party Cones

    Party cones filled with sweets make a welcome party favour for kids of all ages.

    Buy from Not On The High Street
  3. Origami Book for Beginners

    This book is a brilliant way to get kids into origami and makes a lovely party favour for ten-year-olds.

    Buy from Amazon
  4. Doll Shaped nail polish

    This set of 48 fab doll-shaped nail polishes is by the British small business brand Beauty4bBritain. It's perfect for dividing up for use as party favours or as party bag fillers.

    Buy from Amazon
  5. Children Lip Gloss By Little Lulubel |

    This natural lip gloss is the perfect party favour for ten-year-old girls. There are four fruity flavours - - strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and cherry to choose from.

    Buy from Not On The High Street
  6. LEGO 12 Pack Marker

    This 12-pack of Lego marker pens is perfect for dividing up to use for filling party bags.

    Buy from Amazon Buy from John Lewis
  7. Make Your Own Paper Birdcage

    This Make Your Own Paper Birdcage Kit is just magical. I also love that it is made from recycled card.

    The birdcage is SO EASY to make; there’s no need for glue or scissors, so it makes a great party bag idea for kids aged 7 years old and upwards to make on their own or for younger kids to make with help. 

    Buy from notonthehighstreet


Clearly, there are no laws on this!! But what I would suggest is to aim for around five items of varying value.

Opting for one or two higher value things and then supplementing them with two or three smaller filler items is a good way to go.

And there is nothing wrong with going for the age-old tradition of having a slice of cake wrapped in a party napkin as one of those items! That said, cake slice boxes like these are budget-friendly and great for making slices of cake look a little more fancy (and keeping the cake from squishing!).

Another tip I can share is to try and set yourself a budget for the overall cost of the party bags and then work backwards from there, to establish how much to spend on each party bag.

And finally, try to avoid cheap plastic tat that is multi-coloured landfill. Less is more when it comes to caring about the environment.

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