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This post contains seven seriously great cleaning hacks that actually work, saving you time and effort. 

7 Clever cleaning hacks you need for your home

Hunting down cleaning hacks that actually work is fast becoming a hobby of mine.

I know it may sound a little obsessive, but any cleaning hack that is going to save me time, save me money and / or improve my household eco-score (Zero Waste is a big focus for me this year) is something I know about.

Here’s my latest list of finds, cleaning hacks that are tried and tested and GET THE JOB DONE!

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7 Cleaning hacks you need to start using now!

1. Microwave sponge to disinfect it

Microwave a damp sponge for 1 minute to disinfect it. #CleaningHack

Awesome cleaning hack by: The Krazy Coupon Lady

This is a great way that allows you to keep using your dishwashing sponges without allowing them to be germ-central.

Simply pop a moist dishwashing sponge into the microwave, then turn the microwave onto full power for one minute.

And that’s it. Once they’re ‘cooked’ they’re hygienically clean and ready to use again.


2. Use essential oil on a cotton ball and place inside the vacuum cleaner filter

BISSELL Zing Lightweight, Bagless Canister Vacuum

This is a cleaning hack that I’ve been using for aeons. Mainly because I love my home to smell clean and fresh as well as actually BE clean and fresh. But I don’t like using air fresheners.

All you need to do is pop a few drops of your favourite essential oil – I love lavender or bergamot – onto a cotton wall ball and then place the cotton wall ball in the filter compartment of your vacuum cleaner.

Every time the vacuum gets used it scents the air with essential oil. What’s not to love?!


3. Use canned air to clean the bathroom extractor fan

Spray canned air into a dusty bathroom exhaust fan. #CleaningHack

Awesome cleaning hack by: The Krazy Coupon Lady

One of the yuckiest things ever is standing in the shower and looking up at a grim and dusty looking extractor fan.

The quick way to get rid of the dust and grime is with a blast of high pressure air. Now, a year or so ago, I would have suggested you buy cans of canned air.

However, with Zero Waste in mind, I think it is well worth checking out the Canless Air System. It’s a great way of cleaning many areas in your home without using spray products.

There’s no denying it’s an investment product, but one that could, over the months, save you big money – and almost more importantly, help your home towards being a Zero Waste household.

Hop over to Amazon to take a look at the Canless Air System.


4. Add lemon peel to your dishwasher

Add lemon peel to your dishwasher to freshen it daily. #Cleaninghack

Awesome cleaning hack by: The Kitchn

I couldn’t live without a dishwasher – dramatic statement or what! But as someone who wants to cut down on the chemicals used in the household and as someone who wants to save money, there are times when I despair of the dishwasher.

So, this hack is super duper!

You pop a lemon rind in (I tend to put it the cutlery section) and out come the dishes, super shiny and sparkly and, *takes deep breath in*, the dishwasher smells gorgeous as well.


5. Clean your baseboards with a broom

Clean baseboards with a broom #cleaninghack

Baseboards / skirting boards are a pain to clean –  quite literally if you aren’t careful. All that bending down to clean them can put a real strain on your back.

But, the thing is, you really need to be able to apply close-up pressure to them, to get them clean.

I do like using Q-tips to get up close and personal when cleaning skirting boards – this tip is in my 10 Genius time-saving cleaning hacks post after all.

However, another way to clean skirting boards, without the back strain, is to simply wrap a cloth around a broom and secure it with a rubber band.

Then spray the cloth with your cleaning product and easily clean your skirting boards.


6. Add white wine vinegar to your toilet water tank

jar of vinegar to toilet water tank to keep toilet clean #cleaninghack

This is very much a prevention is better than cure method to reduce the amount of cleaning you do each week.

Simply fill a glass jar with white wine vinegar, prick a few holes in the lid and place the jar inside the water tank of your toilet.

It will keep your toilet clean for weeks.

This hack also features in our super popular 10 Genius time-saving cleaning hacks post, which contains even more genius cleaning hacks, the ones that can save you a whole load of time.


7. Minimise your cleaning products — mix your own using concentrate 

Concentrated Cleaning Products

Now, I LOVE this cleaning hack, because it is kind to both your bank balance and the environment.

So, to cut down on the number of cleaning products you get through each year… buy a large bottles of eco-friendly concentrated liquid cleaner and mix it with water.

Simple Green is a very popular eco-friendly cleaning concentrate. You can buy a super duper large bottle of it over on Amazon.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day cleaning concentrate is also a popular choice, also available over on Amazon.

Before you go buying a set of new plastic spray bottles… STOP!

Instead, use up the cleaning products you already have and as they run out, simply wash and fill it with a mix of cleaning concentrate and water.

So there you have it. Seven clever cleaning hacks that really will make your housework load just that bit lighter – and will go some way to helping you become a Zero Waste household… not to mention cut the cost of cleaning.

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