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Are you wondering what to get a 13-year-old for her birthday or as a Christmas gift? Look no further than this list of ideas, which I’ve based on gifts currently popular with my 13-year-old daughter and her friends. There’s a range of gifts, from luxury gift ideas to more practical but equally desirable things young teen girls will love.

Turning 13 is a big deal. It’s the start of the teenage years, which signifies all sorts of changes for kids and for us as parents. In my experience as a parent, it’s a time when girls become more self-conscious and feel a greater than ever need to fit in with their friends whilst also being really keen to define their individuality.

All these changes are hard enough to navigate for teen girls themselves, let alone for their parents, which can, in turn, make finding gifts for them harder than ever before.

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So, I’m sharing a list of all the gifts that my daughter loved receiving for her 13th birthday, some of the things that have gone down well as gifts for her friends and some ideas that I have already put on my Christmas gift list for her (I’ve got a Christmas Gift Google sheet that I note stuff down on through the year so that it is less painful trying to come up with ideas in the run-up to Christmas).

I’ve included a lot of beauty products, particularly the kind that teens lust over but can’t afford out of their own money, because these are the gifts that are particularly popular with my teen and her friends.

I like to think that spending several years working on glossy magazines has helped me become good at curating shopping guides and keeping an eye on the latest trends.

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Browse through this big list of the best things to get a 13-year-old for her birthday, and you are bound to find the perfect gift for your soon-to-be-13-year-old.

  1. STYLPRO Mini Beauty Fridge
    RRP £54 (currently on sale at Boots for £41.24)

    Beauty fridges are a thing! Especially for the TikTok generation. This StylePro fridge is a favourite, and super style-conscious teens will love how its aesthetic adds to their room.

    As well as being a lovely luxury gift, the fridge is also practical for extending the life of skincare products.

    Buy from Boots Buy from Sephora
  2. Teddy Fleece Weighted Blanket
    £19.99 £15.99

    A weighted blanket is like sleeping under a big hug. It's a great gift idea for teens to snuggle under when they are feeling anxious or their emotions get the better of them. They are also a great style addition to a teen room.

    They come in rose pink, silver grey and slate grey.

    Buy from Amazon
    02/18/2024 02:04 pm GMT
  3. Danielle Creations Quick Dry Turban Towel

    My daughter and I each have one of these quick-dry hair turbans. The turbans are made from soft, super-absorbent microfibre and have a little button to fix them in place. They dry your hair without you having to rub it, which means your hair stays sleeker as well as drying more quickly.

    There's a choice of oil infusions: Argan oil, rose, biotin, coconut and hemp.

    Buy from Amazon Buy from Oliver Bonas
    02/18/2024 02:08 pm GMT
  4. e.l.f. Skin SuperRevitalize Magnetic Mask
    £24.00 (£47.15 / 100 g)

    This magnetic face mask is next level! It is formulated with an iron-based formula and magnetic tool to help extract impurities, brighten skin and minimise the appearance of pores.

    This is another beauty product that my daughter absolutely loves - and it does actually work, which I find fascinating and wish it had been around when I was a teen!

    Buy from Amazon Buy from E.L.F
    02/18/2024 02:23 pm GMT
  5. Kitsch Satin Heatless Curling Set
    £22.95 (£7.65 / count)

    This is one item we have yet to buy, but it's on my teen's wishlist. Apparently, it takes a hot minute to work out how to use these heatless curlers, and you will need a butterfly clip or two to help secure your hair as you work, but they are hugely popular at the moment.

    Buy from Amazon Buy from Look Fantastic
    02/18/2024 02:33 pm GMT
  6. Lumie Bodyclock Spark 100
    £99.00 £74.99

    It's a well-known fact that teenagers have a different circadian rhythm than people of other ages. So help a teen girl out by giving her the gift of natural daylight to help her get up on school mornings!!

    My daughter has this exact alarm clock, and it really does make a difference. It's also proven to help treat SAD/winter blues (Certified Medical Device (class I).

    Buy from Amazon Buy from Boots
    02/18/2024 02:18 pm GMT
  7. Apple AirPods with wired Charging Case (2nd generation)

    Does your mum love listening to podcasts on her commute to work? These wireless airpods are the perfect upgrade for mums still relying on earphones from years ago.

    Buy from Amazon Buy from Apple
  8. The Flat Lay Makeup Bag

    My daughter has this exact bag. It holds tonnes of products and opens out flat (the clue is in the name!), making it super easy for girls to find stuff in and simply scope up and shut when they need to dash.

    Buy from Boots Buy from Sephora
  9. UGG Classic Mini II Boot (Chestnut)
    £165 (at time of publication)

    I know UGGs are a complete luxury gift for a teenager. I also know they will be on my teen daughter's Christmas list. I have two suggestions for tackling this:

    Firstly, look for online stores that offer a sign-up discount to new customers. Secondly, make them a group gift, with several family members contributing.

    On the upside, they will get worn endlessly and are very sensible for winter!

    Buy from UGG Buy from Amazon
  10. Air up water Bottle (incl. 3 pods)

    AirUp works by releasing scented air into your mouth as you drink water, which your senses perceive as flavour, tricking your brain into thinking you're consuming a flavoured drink without any added sugars or chemicals. What teen isn't going to love the hi-tech alternative to water?!

    Buy from Amazon Buy from AirUp
  11. DIOR Addict Lip Glow Oil

    Dior Addict Lip Gloss is an absolute cult beauty favourite and a total luxury for the average 13-year-old. But if your teen has an eye for luxury beauty brands, this is one treat that she is absolutely going to love.

    Buy from Boots Buy from John Lewis
  12. Heartstopper Vol. 1

    The Heartstoppers series is a big hit on NetFlix, so giving the book as a gift is a great way to get reticent teens reading instead of endlessly scrolling through TikTok and YouTube.

    Buy from Amazon Buy from Waterstones

    The coolest way to cover a spot! Oh, how I wish they'd had these when I was a teen. My daughter loves her Starface stars, and they really do help clear up breakouts more quickly.

    Buy from Boots
  14. Tickets to see their favourite music star

    Possibly my daughter's favourite all-time gift was tickets to see Harry Styles at Wembley Stadium. Clearly, that opportunity has now passed, but tickets to gigs or major music star concerts are pretty much guaranteed to be a big gift-hit (as long as you are sure they actually like the artist!).

    Buy from Ticketmaster
  15. Victoria's Secret Satin Short Pyjamas
    £65 (at time of publication)

    Victoria's Secret is hugely popular with teen girls. These PJs are super cute and actually really good quality (i.e. they actually live up to their price tag, which is on the high end, I realise!) According to my teen, they have 'Clean Girl' vibes, which is apparently a current aesthetic trend around looking elegantly casual in a minimalist way. (See my suggestion for a great Etsy dupe alternative next on the list)

    Buy from Victoria's Secret
  16. Personalised Pink Victorias Secret Inspired Pyjamas
    £29.99 (at time of publication)

    Now, this PJ set makes a great alternative (dupe!) to splashing out on the Victoria's Secret PJ set, and what's even more lovely than the cheaper price is that they can be personalised.

    Buy from Etsy
  17. e.l.f. Supers Skincare Mini Kit

    E.L.F skincare is brilliant for delicate young skin; it is super gentle and a brand that tweens love at the moment. It's formulations are 100% vegan and free from nasties.

    Buy from ASOS Buy from Beauty Bay
  18. Kylie Skin Detox Face Mask

    What teen girl doesn't love Kylie Jenner's eponymous skincare and beauty range?! This detox mask is great for young teen skin. The pot will also look great in pride of place on a 13-year-old's dressing table.

    Buy from Boots Buy from Kylie Cosmetics
  19. Steepletone Stereo Cassette Player
    £50,00 (at time of publication)

    As cassettes are making a comeback for Gen Alpha, you might find this retro-looking white cassette player and recorder will go down well as a gift. My daughter simply borrows one I bought a couple of years back when she raids my 'vintage' cassette collection.

    Buy from Buy from Amazon
  20. imPress Press On French Manicure Nails

    Teen girls love their nails. These press-ons are nice a short and a great alternative to nail polish, they can easily be removed and reused, so they are perfect for weekends, special occasions and school breaks.

    Buy from Amazon Buy from Boots
    02/19/2024 11:08 am GMT
  21. Revlon Salon One-Step Hair dryer brush (mid to short hair)

    My daughter and I share one of these brilliant Revlon hairdryer brushes, and I wish with all my heart that I had had one when I was a tween, struggling to style my hair for the first time! It is so much easier to blow-dry hair when you aren't having to juggle a brush in one hand and a hairdryer in the other. Needless to say, my daughter absolutely loves using it.

    The brush is really light and the handle is shaped in a way that makes it easy for tween and teen hands to hold.

    Buy from Amazon Buy from Boots
  22. Joy-Con Pair Pastel Purple/Pastel Green (Nintendo Switch)

    If your teen already has a Nintendo Switch she will likely love the new pastel Joy-Con controllers to accessorise it with. The new colour-ways (release date June 2023) come in purple/green or yellow/pink.

    Buy from Amazon Buy from Nintendo
    02/19/2024 12:49 pm GMT
  23. Mii Cosmetics Skin Secret Cream Tint SPF25

    13-year-olds can start to notice changes to their skin with spots and blackheads. This skin tint is a brilliant alternative to foundation, and it has the most important skincare ingredient of all, SPF25.

    Buy from Amazon Buy from Mii Cosmetics
  24. Stars Black - CASETiFY

    Casetify cases are both practical and super cute. They are made from two layers of shock-absorbing plastic to withstand impact, with extra protection around the screen and camera lenses. My daughter has had hers for a year, and her phone looks good and is still intact!

    Buy from Casetify
  25. e.l.f. Halo Glow Liquid Filter

    E.L.F Halo Glow Liquid Filter is a super popular Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter dupe loved by teen girls whose pocket money doesn't quite stretch to Charlotte Tilbury prices.

    Buy from Boots
  26. Skinny Dip Vanilla Body Scrub

    Teen skin can get a little bumpy, especially on the backs of the arms. So, a good body scrub is always a welcome gift. This one from Skinny Dip is positively delicious.

    Buy from Boots
  27. Sketchboard Pro Tablet Drawing Stand

    How about an iPad stand for creative teens who love sketching? This stand makes it so much easier to get comfortable whilst drawing.

    Buy from Amazon
    02/19/2024 01:23 pm GMT
  28. The Summer I Turned Pretty Book Set

    My daughter absolutely loved watching the TV adaptation of this book series on Amazon Prime and is currently working her way through the books, which are well-written, engaging and perfect for 13-year-olds getting used to being teenagers. Start with the first book in the series if you don't want to commit to the full set.

    Buy from Amazon Buy from Waterstones
    02/18/2024 09:38 pm GMT
  29. Photo Paper

    There is a big trend for wall collages at the moment. You can buy wall collage kits, but if your daughter is as creative as mine, she'll prefer to create her own. In which case, this photo paper makes a great gift. Add some wall-safe double-sided tape and set her up on Canva to design her own images.

    Buy from Amazon
    02/18/2024 10:13 pm GMT
  30. Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Heat Lip Luminizer & Plumper in Cherry

    Fenty, by Rihanna, is a hugely popular brand with teens and another little luxury gift that will go down well. This Cherry lip gloss gives the most gorgeous red cherry sheen to lips (don't worry, it is a sheen, not bright red). Go for Glass Slipper if you would prefer a colourless gloss.

    Buy from Boots Buy from Sephora
  31. The Fancy Friends Character Tee
    £70 (at time of publication)

    Harry Styles fans will love this Fancy Friends Character T from his brand Pleasing.

    Buy from Pleasing
  32. 1989 (Taylor's Version) Cassette
    £198.89 (at time of publication)

    With Taylor Swift's Eras Tour the HOT ticket of 2024 and cassettes being the HOT retro music format trend, Swifties will love getting their mitts on 1989 on cassette.

    Buy from - Taylor Swift Store
  33. Kitsch Satin Sleep Scrunchies
    $7.99 $6.79 ($1.36 / Count)

    Thanks to TikTok and YouTube influencers, teens are savvy about looking after their hair and know that tying it back with a soft satin sleep scrunchie will help it stay in great condition.

    Buy from Amazon Buy from Boots
    02/19/2024 12:08 am GMT
  34. Pink Shearling Boo Pillow | Urban Outfitters UK
    £42 (at time of publication)

    13-year-olds spend a LOT of time in their rooms, often on their beds. This Boo pillow (also known as a hug pillow) is like a giant cuddle for them to relax into. It even has a little pocket for snacks or phones.

    Buy from Urban Outfitters
  35. The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager

    This is a lovely, meaningful 13th birthday gift to give someone entering their teen years. It's a best-seller that encourages each and every teen to be their best self.

    Buy from Amazon Buy from Waterstones
    02/18/2024 07:59 pm GMT
  36. Love Bracelet By Amara Amara
    £19.99 (at time of publication)

    Stacking bracelets are still a thing. This LOVE bracelet comes in several different colourways: black, cream, aqua, green and red.

    Buy from
    £28 (at time of publication)

    I was super surprised at how popular Bum Bum cream is with teens, but it turns out that it is HUGE. The Beija Flor fragrance is particularly coveted at the moment, so this set would make a great gift. It has body wash, elasti-cream and the iconic Cheirosa 68 perfume mist.

    Buy from Cult Beauty Buy from Boots
  38. Ariana Grande Cloud Pink Eau de Parfum 30ml
    £26.40 (at time of publication)

    Ariana Grande Cloud is what I think of as 'entry-level' perfume for teens. It's a fairly sweet-smelling fragrance - a 'sensual' blend of ambery woods, magenta moss, and a touch of sweetened praline. But what I really like is that the bottle is super-cute and very covetable.

    Buy from Boots Buy from Superdrug
  39. Out From Under Extra-Long Leg Warmers
    £16 (at time of publication)

    Yep, leg warmers are having a moment with teen girls. Check out Pinterest (officially Generation Alpha's fave way to plan their 'looks'. I've seen them looking very cool styled with Ugg boots.

    Buy from Urban Outfitters
  40. Personalised 13th Birthday Memory Book

    There are two ways to go with this meaningful gift of a personalised memory book; either fill it with memories from the 'kid' years to mark their transition from child to teen. Or, suggest that your newly minted teen keeps a record of their first year of teendom.

    Buy from Notonthehighstreet
  41. MEXICO 66 | Onitsuka Tiger GB
    £115 (at time of publication)

    If your teen has Adidas Samba fatigue, her eyes will light up if you buy her the latest must-have trainer on the block, the Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66. The most famous of which is the yellow and black version worn by Una Therman in Kill Bill. However, there are many more colourways, so I rate this Birch/Green combo.

    Buy from OnitSuka Tiger
  42. Round Mini Shoulder Bag (Corduroy)
    £14.90 (at time of publication)

    The Uniqlo mini shoulder bag was the bag of the summer, especially for music festivals. Uniqlo has dropped a corduroy version for autumn, which I sure would be a welcome gift.

    Buy from Uniqlo
  43. Summer Fridays Lip Butter
    £23 (at time of publication)

    Summer Fridays is one of those brands that has stormed to success via social media. This lip butter is designed to relieve cracked and taut lips, leaving them smooth and hydrated without ever feeling greasy. There are seven delicious colours to choose from.

    Buy from Cult Beauty
  44. Brush Works Jade Roller
    £9.99 (at time of publication)

    Teen girls are so much more knowledgeable about how to look after their skin than I ever was. They know that a jade roller will help reduce the puffiness of facial skin and they LOVE a good beauty gadget.

    Buy from Sephora Buy from Look Fantastic
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Identifying her hobbies, favourite activities, or areas of interest is the first step to finding a gift she’ll appreciate.


Lots of 13-year-old girls enjoy being on top of the latest trends, which can influence their preferences in music, clothing, tech, and more. So keep an eye out, try and bring up the subject casually or have a little TikTok surf to find out what’s going down.


Ensure the gift is suitable for a 13-year-old girl, not too childish nor too mature for her age. Ok, that’s easier said than done, but just try and be realistic. She is growing up, she is no longer a child, but she’s also a way off being an adult.

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Gifts that stimulate creativity, like art sets or DIY projects, are still very much relevant when your daughter reaches her teen years.


Christmas is a great time of year to splash out on the luxury products that your 13-year-old has been lusting after, that she can’t afford to buy herself and that you couldn’t otherwise justify buying for her.

I also take the time to brief grandparents and other family members on luxury gift ideas that I know will go down well so that my daughter is given something she loves and our relatives can enjoy the happiness of knowing they’ve gifted something that a teenager actually thinks is cool and wonderful!


In my experience, girls entering their teen years start to pay a lot more attention to their personal care and how they look. Whilst you don’t want to load them up with a full set of beauty products, many teens will appreciate being given skincare or light make-up designed for young skin.

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Electronic devices and accessories can be excellent gifts, particularly as a main gift that is beyond her pocket money limits.


If your teen is active or enjoys outdoor activities, sports equipment or outdoor games can make fantastic gifts. It’s also a great way to get her re-engaged with sports and activity if she’s showing signs of being more lethargic and hanging out in her room a lot.


A well-made product will last longer, perform better, and show that you value the recipient. Choose quality over quantity. It’s also good to show your teenager that it is worth buying good quality products over cheap stuff that doesn’t last. This is a great time to instil good shopping habits.


It won’t be long before your teenager is spending more time with her friends than she does with you and her family. So make the most of spending quality time with her by treating her to tickets to a concert by her favourite music star, a trip to see a major theatre production or tickets to a festival. Make those memories you can both look back on in years to come.

The best gift ideas for 13-year-old girls