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Want to get your home tidy and organised once and for all? Take a look at my list of the 12 best organising tips.


To paraphrase organisation guru Marie Kondo, there really is something life-changing about having a well-organised house.

If you look around your house and wish that it was tidier and more organised, it doesn’t mean you have to go full ‘KonMari‘ to deal with it.

But it is well worth using some of the organising tips I’ve listed below to deal with the clutter in your home.

These are the tips that really do work. Simple things you can do to make an overall big change.

I use all these tips to help keep our family home more organised because having a well-organised home is like magically lifting a weight off your shoulders.

Your home stops feeling like a massive to-do list and starts to be a place where you can relax and enjoy spending time in it with your family.

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You really can have the tidiest home ever!


1.divide and conquer your drawer space

Kitchen drawers, desk drawers, sideboard drawers. It’s so easy to just stuff things in a draw and think, ‘job done’.

But all you’ve done is group a bunch of stuff together and shoved it somewhere.

What you actually need to do is create neat and tidy spaces within your drawers.

So, invest in drawer dividers and little organisers that fit inside drawers to keep everything compartmentalised.

Live the dream; open that kitchen drawer and find the bottle opener in the kitchen gadgets section. Slide open that desk drawer and choose from the pens nestled in the writing pens section.

Drawer divider

2.introduce a lazy susan – she’s not so lazy!

There is nothing more annoying than neatly organising a deep cupboard, only to never be able to see or get to the stuff at the back.

There are a couple of ways around this, one of which is adding a Lazy Susan (or two).

A Lazy Susan is a turntable. They were originally used for serving food or condiments at the dinner table. They are still hugely popular in Chinese restaurants.

The thing is, they make great storage solutions for pantries and larders. Plus, they can be great for bathroom organisation too.

3.velcro your gadget cables

The downside of having lots of lovely gadgets is having lots of unsightly cables.

Cables take up precious kitchen counter space, take up extra room in cupboards and look ugly in the living room and elsewhere.

So, use velcro cable tidiers to neatly coil the cables. Simples!

4.get Under-shelf storage

Why not make the very most out of shelving storage by having shelves with under-shelf storage – or adding under shelf storage yourself.

Add NOTHS shelf with wine glass storage


Think you’ve got no space at all for shelving? Think again… take a look at how much space you have above the doors in your house.

You may well find there’s enough room to add a shelf.

Of course, you will want to make sure storage on the shelf looks neat and tidy. So, go for storage baskets or boxes.

Just make sure you don’t load them with anything too heavy.

Pop to this post on Apartment therapy for some lovely shelf-above-door inspiration.

6. streamline your clothes hangers

If like me, you don’t have the walk-in-wardrobe of your dreams (yet), there is one big thing you can do with hangers to maximise the space you have in your wardrobe.

Ditch (by that I mean giveaway or donate… ) bulky hangers and replace them with slim, velvet-covered hangers.

The fact they are slim means you can get more of them on a rail and the fact they are velvet covered means clothes won’t slide off of them.

I swapped out all the hangers in our wardrobes in the spring and it has made such a difference.

The space we’ve saved is brilliant, but it’s the fact that clothes STAY on the hangers, no matter how much you rummage, that really has me wowed.

7. make a feature of clutter baskets

There will always be places in the house where clutter collects.

What could be more lovely than an on-trend basket to collect that clutter?

We’ve got one for all the dog’s toys and bits.

We have another couple in the bathroom for bath nicknacks.

Sequinned storage basket, organisation hacks, use storage baskets to keep clutter at bay

8. clutter block

Stop the phenomenon where family members see an empty bit of space and use it to ditch their clutter pile.

How? By filling that space with something lovely instead.

I don’t mean ending up with a sideboard littered with ‘objets’ and flea market finds. I mean carefully curating your spaces, so as to dissuade clutter bugs from dumping their load!

Clutter block, hacks to help keep home more organised

9. pegboard storage

Want to have a bunch of little shelves, but don’t want to start drilling lots of holes in walls?

Get yourself a pegboard. They come with all sorts of clever shelves, clips and assorted storage attachments.

Add in picture of pegboard

Better still, get yourself the IKEA pegboard, because it also comes with clamps so you can attach it to a desk or table. How brilliant an organising hack is that?! I LOVE mine, it’s transformed my cluttered desk into a nice tidy desk. And as they say… tidy desk, tidy mind!

Here’s my SKÅDIS pegboard from IKEA

10. huddle your devices as they charge

We all love our devices, but boy can they make a home look cluttered when they are dotted around being charged or just simply hanging about.

Group them all together with a multi-device charging station. There are some lovely ones around, like this one.

Add in multi-device docking station.

11. clean up with a caddy

The humble cleaning caddy recently shot to fame thanks to Mrs Hinch, the cleaning ‘obsessed’ lady from Essex who has made an influencer career out of cleaning.

I am never going to be obsessed with cleaning, but I am obsessed with how to minimise the time I spend cleaning.

The cleaning caddy is, therefore, a double-hit when it comes to keeping cleaning products neatly and making it easier to cart everything around the house cleaning.

Mrs Hinch style cleaning caddy, white cleaning caddy with handles, Lakeland white cleaning caddy, organisation hack

12. rack up the shoes

Do you end up wading through a sea of shoes that never make it to your official shoe storage area?

Encourage neatness by putting a shoe rack near the front door – and one near the back door if necessary.

Woe-betide anyone who can’t even manage to pop their shoes on it when they come inside.

I know shoe racks are pretty functional things, but I see no reason not to have one that looks a little bit fabulous, like this one…