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Homemade Christmas candy gifts

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Homemade Christmas candy is one of the loveliest things to gift during the festive season.

Of course the biggest challenge is making it without eating it all!

But the next biggest challenge is usually time.

So here’s a roundup of Christmas candy posts on Mums Make Lists.

As always, the focus is on each recipe being easy to make.

I’ve got a roundup of a wide range of types of Christmas candy.

Then, because peppermint candy is super popular at Christmas, I’ve got a roundup just for Christmas peppermint candy.

And last, but not least, I’ve got a roundup of Crockpot candy recipes.

Yes, actually recipes for candy that you can make in your Crockpot slow cooker!

Who knew?!

One of the loveliest things about making candy for Christmas gifts is that kids can get involved.

Gift candy to teachers, to friends… pop it under the Christmas tree for sharing on Christmas day.

The choice is yours…

Now, your next choice, which Christmas candy are you going to choose make…?

Homemade Christmas candy gifts

1. Delicious Christmas candy recipes

I’ve spent a LOT of time researching this post.

Each recipe is simply mouthwatering – and the bonus is that each recipe is easy to make.

There’s everything in here from Christmas lollipops to Turkish delight and chocolate truffles.

Homemade Christmas candy recipes and ideas for making candy gifts to give during Christmas and the holiday season - we put together a list of our favourite 25 recipes. #ChristmasCandy #Christmas #Christmasgifts #Christmas2017 #Christmas #ChristmasChocolate #Christmas2018

Dive in! See which one makes your mouth water the most.  

Read the post: Delicious Christmas candy recipes

2. Easy Crockpot Christmas candy recipes

Hands up who couldn’t live without their Crockpot slow cooker?

Yes, that would be me too.

But it wasn’t until last year that I discovered you could make actual CANDY in a Crockpot.

If the idea of this excites you as much as it does me, you will love this roundup of 12 Christmas candy recipes that you can make in a Crockpot.

12 delicious and easy to make Crock-Pot slow cooker Christmas candy recipes that you will love! All are simple to make, there's chocolate, fudge, Christmas crack, peppermint clusters and more. #CrockPot #CrockPotRecipes #CrockPotCandy #SlowCookerCandy #SlowCooker #SlowCookerRecipes #Christmas #ChristmasCandy #Christmas2018 #ChristmasChocolate

Read the post: Easy Crockpot Christmas candy recipes

3. Christmas peppermint candy recipes

Do you LOVE peppermint candy?

I do.

I’m famous in my family for my love of a British mint chocolate called After Eight Mints.

Apparently I used to be super guarded about letting anyone else near them when I was a small child.

Some would say that not much has changed.

This roundup of peppermint candy is totally drool worthy.

Christmas peppermint candy and chocolates - A curatation of lovely Christmas mint candy recipes, quick and easy to make recipes for the holidays. These are great ideas for Christmas treats or Christmas gifts for kids to craft and make or for you to create #Christmas #ChristmasCandy #Christmas #Christmasgifts #Christmas2017 #Christmas #ChristmasChocolate #ChristmasGiftIdeas

Read the post: Christmas peppermint candy recipes

I hope you’ve found this roundup useful.

We’ve got a whole section of Christmas posts, each created to try and make your life just that bit easier when planning and preparing for Christmas.

Find all the Christmas posts on Mums Make Lists here:

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Homemade Christmas candy makes great gifts. Whether you make it yourself or your kids make it, there is nothing lovelier than the gift of homemade candy at Christmas! This is our roundup of the most popular Christmas candy recipes on Mums Make Lists, peppermint candy, Crockpot candy recipes, turkish delight, fudge and more... it's all here to help you plan for Christmas #ChristmasCandy #Christmas #Christmasgifts #Christmas2017 #Christmas #ChristmasChocolate #Christmas2018