12 delicious and easy to make Crock-Pot slow cooker Christmas candy recipes that you will love! All are simple to make, there's chocolate, fudge, Christmas crack, peppermint clusters and more. #CrockPot #CrockPotRecipes #CrockPotCandy #SlowCookerCandy #SlowCooker #SlowCookerRecipes #Christmas #ChristmasCandy #Christmas2017 #ChristmasChocolate

Easy Crock-Pot Christmas Candy Recipes

I’ve rounded up 12 of the best Crock-Pot slow cooker Christmas candy recipes that you will love! All are easy to make, there’s chocolate, fudge, Christmas crack, peppermint clusters and more. 

12 Easy Crock-Pot Christmas Candy Recipes

Want to make some homemade candy for Christmas?

Not really got the time to spend making it?

Get out your Crock-Pot – that’s a slow cooker in case you’re not in the know – and get making!

Of course these candy recipes aren’t just for Christmas.

But boy do they make great Christmas candy that can be used as treats, desserts and gifts.

Not yet got a CrockPot?

This is the one that I have, I totally swear by it.

Candy aside, I can prep and set a dinner recipe in ten minutes flat when I have to.

It. Is. That. Easy.

And before I forget to mention…

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Right, now back to the Crock-Pot candy…


1. Chocolate Peppermint Pretzel Clusters

Now these chocolate peppermint pretzel clusters are just SO Christmassy looking.

Crunchy clusters of yumminess.


2. Reindeer Poop

How delightful – well it’s sure to delight the kids. Poop always has ’em giggling!

Luckily this reindeer poop looks and smells absolutely delish!

3. Snowman Poop

Why stop at reindeer poop when you can also have snowman poop eh?!

Try it, you might like it!!

4. Rocky Road Candy

A classic candy! We are super partial to marshmallow in our house – check out our Easy Christmas marshmallow crafts post if you don’t believe me.

Then take a peak at this  rocky road candy.

5. Triple Chocolate Fudge

Now here’s a little something that makes me even happier than chocolate or double chocolate fudge…  triple chocolate fudge.  What’s not to love?!

6. Chocolate Coated Raisins

One of my favourite things ever… because it feels like a healthier than average treat!!

Chocolate covered raisins are just SO delicious and SO easy to make.

7. Christmas Crack

So Crock-Pot Christmas crack  – so many reasons to giggle.

But it tastes so good. This one is all about the peanuts and chocolate.

8. Candy Cane Bark

After chocolate my favourite candy is mint. So what better than to combine the two…

Candy cane bark  is fast becoming a Christmas classic.


This recipe has just two ingredients!!!! TWO!! It’s delicious as well!

10. Black Forest Fudge

Another Crock-Pot candy that looks just so Christmassy – it’s like it’s covered in Rudolph noses!

Get your Christmas on and make black forest fudge today!

11. Amaretto Raisin and Almond Fudge

Getting a little naughty with the Amaretto here… This Amaretto raisin and almond fudge is just heavenly

12. Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Almond Clusters

I’m ending on a very grown-up note here. I adore sea salt with chocolate and I love almonds.

This sea salt dark chocolate almond cluster recipe is just total heaven.

Perfect as a gift idea for grown-ups with a sweet tooth.

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