How to Get Paint Out of Kids Clothes

How to remove paint stains from kids clothes with this easy tip


Finding it hard to get paint out of kids clothes? This post will tell you a quick and easy way to remove paint from clothes. 

How to get paint out of kids’ clothes

Do you sigh every time another piece of your kid’s clothing gets a big paint splat on it?

It’s very easy to end up with paint stains that just won’t come out.

Especially if you just rely on your washing powder or liquid to clean them out during a cycle in the washing machine.

Of course, it’s always the nicest clothes that get targeted with paint – or it seems that way!

Well, sigh no longer.

I am going to happily share the way for getting paint out of kids’ clothes that I’ve discovered and now swear by.

It does the job quickly and easily every time.

To demonstrate, I’ve done a little before and after demonstration for you with what was a nice clean white t-shirt.

The easy way to get paint out of kids clothes – that really works.

Take a clean white t-shirt

Exhibit A – A clean white t-shirt.

Splatter paint on the t-shirt

Exhibit B – The t-shirt is now covered in splodges of poster paint.

The paint removing solution

Mix a good squirt of Fairy Liquid (this is the washing up liquid NOT the washing clothes liquid) with some water and splash it onto the paint stains.

Rub the stains with a laundry ball – you should have one with your washing liquid.

Laundry balls have little bumps on the bottom of them which are great for scrubbing gently at stains in clothes.

If you don’t have a laundry ball, OXO does a great laundry brush which doesn’t cost very much and is definitely worth the investment.

So, get your laundry ball or your laundry brush…

Put your hand inside the fabric and rub the stained fabric onto your hand.

This seems to work well to really rub at the stain.

You will end up with what looks like an even bigger mess.

Exhibit C – a super messy paint covered t-shirt.

Rinse the t-shirt out.

Then continue rubbing.

Within three or four minutes of rubbing and rinsing you will find all of the paint has gone from the t-shirt.

The t-shirt is now ready to go into the wash on its usual washing cycle.

Exhibit D – a nice paint-free t-shirt.

Laundry liquid and cool water work just as well, but Fairy Liquid often costs less than half the price of laundry liquid, so it’s more cost-effective for removing lots of stains.

So there you have it.

A super easy – and effective – way to remove paint stains from kids’ clothes.

I hope you’ve found this post useful. I’ve got a whole bunch of other family household management posts you might find useful too.

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How to get paint out of kids clothes

7 thoughts on “How to Get Paint Out of Kids Clothes”

  1. Such a great tip! My daughter loves to paint and I am dreadful at laundry stains, and doesn’t it always seem to be their best outfit? Will have to save this for later. Thanks!

  2. This is awesome… Do you have to do this while the paint is still wet or will it work dry? My kiddos wipe all paint on hands on their clothes. We are running out of “fun” clothes to where outside of the house! I’ll have to check out the laundry ball

    1. Hi Michelle – not at all, will work on dried in paint as long as you haven’t already put it in the machine. The machine will set the colour and then it’s pretty hard to find anything to get it out 🙁

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