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How to make a simple Christmas Eve box for kids

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Here’s how to put together a simple Christmas Eve box for your kids, keep it straight-forward and cost-effective with a few well chosen things. 

How to make a Christmas Eve box for kids

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about Christmas Eve boxes. 

They aren’t a tradition in the UK. 

But they are the new thing… and at least apparently based on German tradition. 

So there’s tradition in there somewhere. 

Plus I do see that it’s a great way to add a little extra magic to Christmas Eve. 

So I thought this would be the year that I’d dip my toe in the water and create a simple box. 

Quick note: If you really don’t have the brain bandwidth to create a Christmas Eve box, scroll to the end of the post, where I’ve popped in details of a ready-filled Christmas Eve box.

Keep it simple and inexpensive

Christmas is expensive enough without spending a fortune on the contents of a Christmas Eve box. 

It’s also hard enough to find time to buy gifts, decorate the house and plan hosting Christmas

So the two essential things I’m looking for with a Christmas Eve box are:

  1. Keeping the cost down
  2. Keeping the shopping time down


What sort of box?

The least expensive way to make the actual box is to cut down an old cardboard box and cover it in Christmas wrapping paper. 

But if you want to go a bit fancier and make something that can be used year after year, Hobbycraft do a good selection of wooden and cardboard boxes that you can customise.

Take a look at them here: Hobbycraft Christmas Eve boxes 

What to put in a Christmas Eve box

Christmas Eve boxes are for getting set for Christmas Night and Christmas Day. 

Here’s a quick rundown of some great things to put in a Christmas Eve box:

  1. Christmas story book
  2. Slippers
  3. Pyjamas
  4. Hot chocolate 
  5. Marshmallows
  6. Mug (for hot chocolate)
  7. Gingerbread cookies
  8. Reindeer food
  9. A stocking for your child to hang out for Santa to fill

Here’s some quick ideas for things you can buy for your child’s Christmas Eve box. 

1. Penguin mug set 

This covers off a mug, hot chocolate and marshmallows in one hit. 

What’s not to love?!

Christmas eve box for kids

Find out more: John Lewis


2. Christmas book – The Night Before Christmas

It’s a classic!

Adults and children alike love this story on Christmas Eve. 

Christmas eve box for kids

Find out more: Amazon

3. Reindeer food

I love this personalised reindeer food pouch from Not On The High Street. 

Alternatively, you can pop onto Pinterest to find out how to make your own 

Christmas eve box for kids

Find out more: Not On The High Street

4. Gingerbread Christmas tree decorating kit

This kit is great, because it doubles up as something to do on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. 

Christmas eve box for kids

Find out more: Lakeland

I hope this post is useful and you manage to create a magical Christmas Eve box for your kids. 

If you just want to buy a pre-filled Christmas Eve box, here’s a lovely one from Not On The High Street…

Christmas Eve Box With Contents

This is a really lovely Christmas Eve box that comes pre-filled with the following:

  • Santa Letter on parchment paper
  • Chocolate gingerbread man by Creightons Chocolaterie
  • Jingle bell
  • Wooden star decoration with ribbon and gold sparkle detail
  • ‘Reindeer Food’ contains edible oats
  • Paper red & white straw with topper (Santa or Rudolph topper)
Pre-filled Christmas Eve box for kids

Find out more: Not On The High Street

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How to put together a really simple Christmas Eve box for kids