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Our favourite Etsy Mother’s Day gifts

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As official Etsy Tastemakers, I’ve put together a selection of gorgeous, affordable, gift ideas for you to give to your mum on Mother’s Day OR for you to heavily drop hints to your partner and kids about 🙂 

Take a sneak peak at the board below and CLICK on it to be taken through to Etsy to see our full Mother’s Day board curation and whilst you’re there, do take a look at our other boards. 

We’ve also put together a quick roundup of our top three Mother’s Day gift ideas below.

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Our top three Mother’s Day Etsy gift ideas

1. Personalised pearls of wisdom necklace

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Personalised pearls of wisdom necklace | Etsy 

Oh how I hope that one day my daughter will send me a little something with this sentiment… the love is an absolute given, but I might have to up my game on uttering some actual pearls of wisdom!!

Personalised pearls of wisdom necklace | Etsy 

2. M Botanicals hydrating beauty balm

M Botanicals Hydrating beauty balm

M Botanicals hydrating beauty balm | Etsy 

I’m all about buying natural, organic products wherever possible. I also try to avoid parabens. So this beauty balm by M Botanicals ticks a LOT of boxes.

The hydrating beauty balm uses organic rose, geranium and frankincense to sooth and hydrate dry skin. It is water free and preservative free and contains high levels of rosehip oil – a potent anti-oxidant that repairs, firms and hydrates.

It also contains borage, which is high in essential fatty acids which support the skins natural healing process.

Plus it has sea buckthorn fruit CO2 extract, which is an amazing wound healer, wonderful as an after sun treatment and helps restore prematurely ageing skin. 

What’s not to love?! 

M Botanicals hydrating beauty balm | Etsy 

3. Kids’ handwritten necklace

Etsy handwritten necklace

Kids’ handwritten necklace | Etsy

There’s something about little kids’ handwriting that is so darn adorable.  So why not turn that early years handwriting into a Mother’s Day gift keepsake? The Sweet Dalda jewellery company on Etsy helps you do just that. 

Kids’ handwritten necklace | Etsy

Of course gift buying is such a personal thing, so if one of our favourite Mother’s Day gift ideas doesn’t take your fancy, hop over to our Mums Make Lists Tastemaker Page to browse the rest of our curation of great gift ideas. 

If you would rather give a homemade Mother’s Day gift, or encourage your children to make a homemade gift, then do pop over to our Inspiration for homemade Mother’s Day gifts post. It has over 50 ideas to get you inspired and making. 

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This is our Etsy Tastemaker curation of Mother's Day gift ideas to buy on Etsy this Mother's Day. Our favourites include a kids handwriting necklace and a pearls of wisdom necklace for moms. #mothersday #giftideas #mothersdaygift #mothersdayidea #gift #giftidea #mother #Etsy #EtsyFinds


Wednesday 18th of February 2015

I love those handwritten charms! So adorable! This is a great roundup of ideas!


Thursday 19th of February 2015

They are really gorgeous aren't they Lauren? Definitely on my want would really rather like list :-)