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Quick declutter tips to reclaim your home!

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Here are some really simple. easily actionable decluttering tips that will help you transform your home and free it from clutter. 


Quick declutter tips to reclaim your home!

Feel like your home is literally full to the brim?

Desperate to find a way to reduce the amount of stuff you have cluttering up everywhere?

But really don’t have masses amounts of time to do anything about it?

Yes to all the above?

Worry not.

This is the perfect post for you.

How do I know?

Because I’ve been there.

I’ve suffered the brain bandwidth overload of simply having too much stuff.

It really does play havoc with your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Not to mention that it can be a total time-suck, when nothing is ever where it’s meant to be…

…and if it is, then it’s hard to get to without wading through a mountain of other junk.

But all that can be in the past.

There is a way through it.

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I’ve decanted the things I did into six super FAST, super SIMPLE decluttering tips, so that you too can declutter your home in a way that brings about massive change.

Massive change that will get you back on track.

Massive change that means you WILL be able to find stuff when you need it.

These are QUICK WINS that will make you feel good.

Because you will instantly be able to see – and feel – the difference.

How to do a quick declutter

1. Bed linen and duvets

Spare sets of bed linen, spare duvets, old duvets, seasonal duvets, blankets… they TAKE UP SO MUCH ROOM!

I took an hour to go through all our bed linen and duvets and managed to free up a big cupboard, two drawers and all the space under our double bed.

This is what I focused on:

  • Create a pile of torn, marked linen and duvets ready to take to your local recycling facility – and actually take it!
  • Create a pile of sets you simply never use any more. Even the ones you are keeping JUST IN CASE! And, yes, it can be difficult to get rid of gorgeous children’s bedding sets, it can be emotional. But do it. Wash them if need be, then bundle them up and donate them or give them away to a friend.
  • Get yourself some Skubb drawer dividers from IKEA and neatly stack the remaining bed linen within them. Don’t worry if you don’t have an IKEA near you and you don’t want to pay their astronomical shipping costs that make all the good value much less good value… you can buy IKEA Skubb storage dividers on Amazon.
  • Get yourself some Space Saver vacuum bags, squeeze all the spare duvets and pillows into them… and then vacuum all the air out until they are nice and flat.

The result will be that you have spare bedding that takes up minimal space to store and is easily accessible when you need it.

What’s not to love?!

Here is one of my nice neat, Skubb divided, bed linen drawers in all its glory:

Declutter, quick declutter, tips on how to do a quick declutter

2. Pack away seasonal clothes

Blankets, jumpers, hats, scarves and gloves can all be washed and stored away neatly once the colder weather is over.

Same deal for swimming togs, beach towels and summer clothes when autumn arrives.

It needn’t be a big faff.

All you need to do is get yourself some space saving storage bags. Ziploc do a good value box of 15 bags in assorted sizes which I can wholeheartedly recommend.

They work much better for me than other brands that I have tried, plus the different sizes are really handy.

Get everything folded and into them, ready to come out again when the new season arrives.

You will find your wardrobes and drawers are no longer crammed full and spilling out all over the place.

Plus it’s easier putting seasonally appropriate clothes away in drawers and wardrobes, because there is actually SPACE for them!!


3. Ditch toy packaging

Toys are one of the biggest source of clutter in our house.

We have way too many and lots need to go … but that’s not a quick declutter job.

What was quick was getting rid of the packaging.

I took all the games, jigsaws and kits I could out of their boxes … cutting out pictures and instructions where needed … and put them in zipper bags.

Without getting rid of any toys we were able to put everything away for the first time in ages and all those pesky little pieces were safe in their bag rather than scattered all over the floor!

I still need to get rid of loads of toys but this was a brilliant quick win … as you can see here, I fitted 10 big boxes into 10 little A5 wallets in this neat basket.

Declutter, quick declutter, tips on how to do a quick declutter

I used A5, A4 and a few A3 wallets (for big games like Kerplunk) from Snopake but Amico also have a wide range available in all sorts of sizes and colours.


4. Plastic tubs 

When we moved into our house I created a store cupboard out of an alcove in the sitting room.

It worked well for a while until it was taken over by plastic tubs … you know those frustrating kind that just won’t stack in side each other and take up as much space empty as full.

The shelves were full of them and everything else ended up being shoved in any old place.

I was brutal.

I just decided the maximum space I could give to tubs and still fit everything else in neatly … it was two basket’s worth … and cleared out the rest.

And have I desperately needed all those other tubs I was keeping?

Of course not.

Plus I now have a functioning cupboard again.


5. Cleaning cupboard

The cleaning cupboard might not seem like a major space hogger but it can do your head in.

You need stuff from it everyday and if you’ve got to root around to find anything, every time you open it, it’s going to drive you crazy.

I’ve seriously decluttered ours by replacing zillions of different products with a few essentials.

It’s saved me a fortune and a whole load of head space!


6. Declutter your toiletries

If you’re like me, your bathroom and dressing table are full of products you don’t use … ever!!

Again, they might not take up an enormous amount of space, but it’s critical space in the bathroom and they make it impossible to find things you actually do use.

I can’t even begin to describe how much time and mental energy I have saved every morning, now I can actually find my mascara and my hair brush without emptying the draw out.

So, there you have it. Six super simple tips that can make a REAL difference to your home.

Feeling inspired to get your household into shape?

Check out our Household 101 section, which has posts Cleaning and Laundry amongst other posts.

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Lisa Healy

Tuesday 28th of October 2014

I did the same thing with our games and puzzles and it made such a difference!

Alice Emma Thompson

Wednesday 12th of November 2014

It really does doesn't it! And I found lots more toys actually got paid with as well.

Meg Falciani

Sunday 27th of July 2014

The box conundrum -- I hate using zip-top kitchen bags, because they're not so sturdy and we always have boxes breaking easily! I am hunting Amazon right now for the different size zip bags, and will be getting rid of boxes!

Kristie M

Thursday 24th of July 2014

I am deep cleaning and loving it! I definitely think there are things in our bathroom drawer that we don't use. That is something I will have to work on soon!

Alice Emma Thompson

Friday 25th of July 2014

It does feel so good when you get a chance for a really deep clean doesn't it? We had so much gunk in the bathroom that wasn't being used. I chucked loads and gave myself 3 weeks to finish off all those almost finished bottles before they had to go.


Tuesday 15th of July 2014

Oh, the toys! Yes -- trying to get rid of those is so hard! Love the idea of taking the puzzles out of the boxes. I've done that to a few, I think I will do the rest!

Alice Emma Thompson

Friday 25th of July 2014

Does make a massive difference - and DVDs as well. I've junked all our boxes and put them in those zippy wallets you can get.

Blair Lonergan

Saturday 12th of July 2014

Hi, Alice! These are some great suggestions! I'm going to share this info on my FB page this weekend. :) Pinned, too!

Alice Emma Thompson

Friday 25th of July 2014

Thanks so much for the shares Blair - really appreciated x