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DIY Piñata ideas – easy to follow tutorials

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Looking for some DIY Piñata ideas? Here’s a roundup of some of the best DIY piñata tutorials, perfect for creating piñatas for kids parties. 


DIY Piñata ideas

Who doesn’t love a piñata at a kids party huh?!

Well, sometimes it’s me. 

It depends how scary the kids are when they’re wielding whatever they’re using to bash to piñata.  

But in general, piñatas are a big part of kids parties

There are some lovely piñatas to buy, but if you’re feeling creative and want to do something unique for your child’s party… then look no further. 

Here’s a roundup of some of the loveliest DIY homemade piñatas that I’ve found. 


DIY Piñatas tutorials

Unicorn Piñata tutorial 

How many ways do I love how beautiful this unicorn piñata is?! 

Get the lovely step-by-step how-to over on Hello Lovely

DIY Unicorn Pinata



Owl Piñata tutorial

This owl is so cute, I’m not sure I could allow kids to bash it! But hey ho.. if you want to make it, take a peak at the tutorial over on the HobbyCraft blog. 

Owl Pinata



Giant Popsicle Piñata tutorial

From the genius Oh Happy Day site. I love this. Clearly it’s a very summery themed piñata, but that said, I’d love to give it a bash in the winter too! Find out how to make it here

Popsicle Pinata



Number Piñata tutorial

If like me you don’t like bashing things with faces, or watching kids bash things with faces – not even other kids!! – then this is a great piñata… and it’s also one that adds to the excitement of a single digit birthday party. Find out how to make it here




Mini Piñata tutorial

This is gorgeous… a mini piñata… a great way to divide up the kids and keep things safe!!! 

What’s more, the guys at Happy Thought have done a brilliant tutorial video. 

YouTube video

mini rainbow pinata


I hope this post gives you some great DIY piñata ideas that will help you to create your own amazing piñata. 


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