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Easy No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

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Hands up who has either the spare time or the will to carve an amazing pumpkin amongst all the other weekly busy mother tasks?

No, me neither!

I love seeing beautifully carved pumpkins, but I just can’t get it together to create one.

Seriously, I can barely manage a toothless grin and some splodgy eyes without almost slicing one of my fingers off each Halloween.

Plus  I’m always put to shame by the neighbours.

One neighbour makes models for blockbuster films.

The other neighbour studied fine art!!

Both of them produce fantastic carved pumpkins every Halloween.

I’ve got a pumpkin carving kit but even with the best kit in the world, I am not convinced my pumpkins won’t look like scary in all the wrong kind of ways.

So, I have been on the hunt for truly simple ways we can decorate our pumpkin this year.

Ways that we can create something amazing with no carving at all.

I’ve put a list together to share with you – because lists is what I do!!

Each no carve pumpkin decorating idea is super quick, super easy.

The kind of pumpkin decorating that just can’t go wrong.

Easy no carve pumpkin decorating ideas

1. Duct Tape

  • Duct tape is a super easy way to turn pumpkins into skeletons, witches etc
  • It comes plain in every colour from black and white to gold and green, so can just cover the pumpkin however you like and then cut out eyes, teeth etc
  • Or as super-quick-mama-has-no-time cheat stick duct tape in Halloween patterns  … skulls, spiders etc …  along the ribs of the pumpkin …

Duck Tape witch pumpkin

Easy no carve pumpkin for Halloween - duct tape witch
Duct Tape Witch – The Crafty Blogstalker

Duct tape skull pumpkin

Easy no carve pumpkin for Halloween - duct tape skull
Duct Tape Skull – The Domestic Diva

Duck Tape bat pumpkin

Easy no carve pumpkin for Halloween - duct tape
Duct Tape Bats – Unsophisticook

Polka dot duct tape pumpkin

Easy no carve pumpkin for Halloween - duct tape
Duct Tape Spots – Wholesome Mommy

2. Melted Crayons

  • Pile crayons minus papers on top of a pumpkin and melt them with a hair dryer
  • Use up old crayons, or if too grubby like ours, Crayola do one colour boxes including green, black, white, gold plus neon brights

Drip art crayon pumpkin

Easy no carve pumpkins for Halloween
Drip Art Crayon Pumpkin – The Swell Designer

Black melted crayon pumpkin

Easy no carve pumpkins for Halloween
Black Melted Crayon Pumpkins – Giggles Galore

3. Thumb tacks and push pins

  • Use white or black thumb tacks to make ghosts, spiders, cobwebs etc
  • Or spray paint pumpkin in a great metallic gold or bronze and mark out monograms, house numbers or patterns with co-ordinating tacks
  • Or pick out pattern with pins, spray all over & remove pins to create relief

Thumb tack ghost pumpkin

Thumb tack ghost pumpkin – CRAFT

Gold thumb tack pumpkin

Easy no carve pumpkins for Halloween
Gold thumb tack pumpkin – Madigan Made

Monogram thumb tack pumpkin

Monogram Thumb Tack Pumpkin – All In a Day

4. Puffy Paint

  • Use 3D fabric paint to create spooky characters or decorate pretty patterns or a stylish black henna effect
  • Scribbles and Tulip do just about every colour you could wish for
  • And Tulip also do glow in the dark 3D paint which seems to work pretty well

Glow in the dark puffy paint pumpkin

Easy no carve pumpkins for Halloween
Glow in the Dark Puffy Paint Pumpkin – Club Chicacircle

Pretty puffy paint pumpkin

Pretty Puffy Paint Pumpkin – Alisa Burke

5. Spray paint relief with masking tape

  • To create spooky relief faces or simple patterns e.g. chevrons mark out shape with masking tape spray paint over, let the paint dry and then remove masking tape
  • Stock up on spray paint then get creating!

Cheveron spray paint pumpkin

Cheveron Spray Paint Pumpkin – Feeling Lovesome

6. Glitter

  • Glitter is always my favourite last first resort for seasonal crafts
  • Mix colours in a jar, slap mod podge on the pumpkin and shake glitter over it
  • Gold and silver glitter looks fabulous, but Martha Stewart has neon glitter!

Glittered pumpkins

Easy no carve pumpkins for Halloween
Glittered pumpkins – Yesterday’s Sweetheart

7. Glossy Mod Podge and fabric or paper

  • I’ve seen some gorgeous decoupage pumpkin ideas out there, but they are not simple!!!
  • For an easy version cover pumpkin in mod podge, stick on fabric strips or tissue paper shapes and then go over with a layer of gloss finish mod podge once dry

Tissue and Mod Podge pumpkin

Easy no carve pumpkins for Halloween
Tissue and Mod Podge pumpkin – Young House Love

Mod Podge and fabric pumpkin

Easy no carve pumpkins for Halloween
Mod Podge and fabric pumpkin – Love Sweet Love

8. Sharpie pen pumpkins

  • Use a sharpie to drawn on a face, spiders and webs or whatever you like
  • And if you’re hopeless at drawing straight line – I am! – get a fab nib sharpie

Sharpie pen pumpkins

Sharpie Pen Pumpkins – Boxy Colonial

9. Sticky Back Felt

  • An easy way for small kids to create faces without cutting a pumpkin
  • Can use plain felt but sticky back felt gets less messed up in little hands

Sticky back felt pumpkin

Easy no carve pumpkins for Halloween
Sticky Back Felt Pumpkin – Makely Home

10. Bean covered pumpkins

  • It’s as simple as getting your hands on some dried beans and peas
  • Then stick them onto the pumpkin using craft glue in any pattern you fancy

Bean Pumpkin

Easy no carve pumpkins for Halloween
Bean Pumpkin – Delineate Your Dwelling

11. Washi Tape

  • One of my favourite craft tools, one of the most loved Christmas posts on Mums Make Lists is for Washi tape Christmas craft ideas.
  • Simply arm yourself with some Washi tape, either Halloween themed tape or whatever you love and start sticking it on

Easy no carve pumpkins for Halloween
Washi Tape Pumpkin – It’s Overflowing

I hope you find something that inspires you in this list. Halloween can be a busy time of year for us mothers juggling it all.

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Thursday 15th of October 2015

What a great collection of no carve projects... I wanted to comment and let you know I just love your blog name and logo... it's so like me too... I'm glad I found you {from Pinterest{, if you wanted to know :) Blessings Amanda

Lisa/Syncopated Mama

Wednesday 30th of September 2015

Wow, these were ideas I really wasn't expecting - very cool! Pinning.

Mummy Tries

Friday 25th of September 2015

Loved this post, and it's perfect for the non crafters like me! The pink and orange polka dot one is my fave, and know my girls will adore it :) Thanks so much for sharing with #DiffLinky

Heaven Smiling

Tuesday 22nd of September 2015

I can't believe how clever some of these things are! The puff paint ones are intense. Pinning for sure. Stopping by from two cup Tuesday.

Shabby Baker

Sunday 26th of October 2014

Thanks for this very interesting post! i am one of those "talentless" carver who can't carve pumpkins from scratch so these no-carve pumpkin carving ideas are pretty handy for me. I'm gonna try some of them this year. Happy Halloween!

Alice Emma Thompson

Sunday 26th of October 2014

So glad it is not just me who is rubbish at carving :-) We have had so much fun with these no carve ideas and it is great that they last longer uncarved. Happy Halloween!!