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Here is my list of seven of the best FREE patterns and tutorials for easy to make baby onesies. Plus a list of some of my favourite baby onesie patterns to buy. All the patterns in the lists are downloadable and printable.

Free baby onesie patterns

One of the most delightful things about having a newborn is the simplicity with which you can dress them. 

Yes, it may be that you’re changing them several times per day, but each of their outfits can be SO simple. 

Just pop them into a onesie! 

We stuck to plain white onesies for the first couple of weeks that M was in the world. 

That was until the dressing my baby bug hit and I started on a mission to give her the biggest wardrobe known to any baby!!!

If you’re looking to create a vast wardrobe of outfits for your beautiful baby, you may well also be wanting to do so on a budget. 

In which case, these brilliant baby onesie patterns below will come in super useful. 

I’ve included SEVEN beginner level completely FREE baby onesie sewing patterns and a growing list of beginner level baby onesie patterns you can buy. 

If you’re looking for more than onesie patterns for your baby, pop over to my super popular Free Baby Patterns post for a big list of gorgeous baby patterns, all of which are absolutely FREE!



Are you just starting out with sewing or coming back to it for the first time since school? Either way, you will find Jump Into Sewing by Sara Alm on BluPrint is a great online sewing course to take. 

FULL DISCLOSURE: The course is for parents and kids to take together, so it is VERY simple. 

WHY I LIKE IT: Its simplicity is its beauty. It’s a set of video tutorials that will help you get started sewing really quickly. The tutorials are so clear and easy to follow.

REGISTER FOR FREE: You will need to register to access the free course. Registration just involves giving your name and email address. You do not need to give credit card details to register. See registration guide below.

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The course takes you through the basics of learning to sew. Alongside the introduction video, there are five tutorial videos:

  1. Exploring the sewing machine
  2. Threading the sewing machine
  3. Your first trial project
  4. Pillow project part 1
  5. Pillow project part 2

Sign up to Jump Into Sewing with Sara Alma on BluPrint

Other beginner level sewing courses that come highly recommended:

Free Baby Onesie Patterns

1. Simple Onesie pattern

Download this super simple free baby onesie pattern: Small Dream Factory

Simple onesie free baby pattern

2. Blue Stripe Onesie pattern

I love the simplicity of this, great for a boy or girl.

Download free onesie tutorial and pattern: Omi Creates

Baby Blue Stripe Onesie Tutorial

3. Rufflebutt Onesie pattern

Download free onesie pattern: All Free Sewing



This is a basic, beginner level sewing pattern from So Sew Easy on BluPrint. This easy to make baby kimono onesie is front opening, which makes it perfect for dressing wriggly little babies. 

Age: 3 months to 9 months

Download free pattern: So Sew Easy on BluPrint

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5. free baby onesie upcycled cardigan pattern

Download free upcycled cardigan baby onesie pattern:

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6. Baby Ringer Onesie pattern

Baby Ringer Onesie by Shwin and Shwin. You can find this pattern in our Free Baby Patterns list post 

Free Baby Clothes Pattern


This is a FREE one-size only (3-6 months) version onesie pattern from Mamma Can Do It on BluPrint. The full version of the pattern can be bought on the Mamma Can Do It website. The pattern gives multiple options for a perfect fit. There are sizings for cloth diaper or disposable diaper. Plus long-sleeve and short-sleeve options or tank top. 

Sewing Level: Beginner

Age: 3 months to 6 months

Download free one size only (3-6 months) pattern at BluPrint

Buy the pattern for newborn to 36 months at Mamma Can Do It

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1. Ruffle Sleeve Onesie

This 2-in-1 ruffle sleeve baby onesie pattern by See Kate Sew is possibly one of the most gorgeous onesie patterns ever! The onesie has a snap crotch and snap shoulder feature for easy dressing and diaper access! There is a plain version and also a ruffle sleeve version.

Age: Newborn to 18 months

You can buy the pattern at See Kate Sew.

Ruffle Sleeve Onesie, Free baby pattern


This easy to use onesie pattern gives you multiple options for a perfect fit each time. There are two sizing options are available. You can also choose to make these onesies with long sleeves, short sleeves or into tank tops. 

Purchasing note: After purchasing the pattern you will get an email with a link to a PDF download. You can download the sewing pattern anytime from any computer. The Mamma Can Do It system will store the pattern for you too, so you don’t ever have to worry about losing it. PLUS any time the onesie pattern is updated, you will have free access to the updates.

Age: Newborn to 36 months

You can buy the pattern at Mamma Can Do It.

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3. Duck Duck Go multi-use onesie pattern

This onesie pattern is actually several patterns all in one. In short, you can sew a whole wardrobe for you baby, toddler or pre-schooler from buying just this one pattern!

  • View A: Bodysuit
  • View B: Tee/Pullover
  • View C: Bodysuit & Tee/Pullover combo
  • View D: Dress or Peplum
  • View E: Bodysuit & Dress or Peplum combo
  • Short or Long Sleeves
  • Neckband or Hood

The pattern comes with a full tutorial and colour photographs in an easy to print PDF. The pattern pieces are computer generated and colour coded for easy cutting. Plus the pattern includes layers so you can just print off the size you need and an A0 format for printing at a copy shop.

Age: Premature baby to four years old (4T)

Buy pattern at Peekaboo Pattern Shop on Etsy

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This easy to use pattern by Brindille & Twig on Etsy is for both a long-sleeve and short-sleeve onesie. The pattern is for confident beginners. The pattern comes with a full sewing tutorial. The pattern includes layers so that you can print the size you need. There is also an AO format if you need a print shop copy. The tutorial also includes two binding techniques so that you can use the technique you are most comfortable with. It is suggested that cotton jersey knit is the best fabric to use.

Age: Premature to 3-year-old toddler (3T)

You can buy the pattern at Brindille & Twig on Etsy

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