Housework Essentials Shopping List


I am such a big fan of shopping lists!

Not the ones scribbled on an old envelope.

Proper shopping lists …

… lists that track everything we need, so we don’t run out of essentials AND don’t spend a fortune buying extra just in case.
I have two main lists one for groceries and one for the things I need to run the house. It’s mainly cleaning stuff but also bulbs, batteries, sellotape, that kind of thing.

Both lists are on my phone … I use a totally fab FREE organisation app for mums called Cozi which lets me juggle shopping lists, to dos, our family calendar and my recipes and meal plan ALL in one place!

The lists  really help me cut down on over stocking and find the best price.

But the biggest benefit of my list of housework essentials has been that it has saved me a complete fortune by helping me cut down on all the CRAZY products I was buying!

Cut Down on Crazy Products

Last year, I wrote down everything I was using to run the house.

I had 75 different items on my list, including 25 different cleaning products!!! And most of those were rarely used, chock full of chemicals & super pricey! Truly crazy!!!

So, over the last 12 months, I swapped out the crazy products for a few super cheap, planet friendly, natural cleaners that do a bunch of different jobs.

And that cut my list of housework essentials down to just 50 items.

The 25 products I cut out, cost way over $50 between them.

Tot that up over the year and you’ve got a big saving!

How To Do It?

So, what’s the best way to cut down those crazy products?

First, print off my complete list below or download for FREE here.

Go through your cupboards & tick off everything you’ve got & add anything else. Now zone in on anything you’ve ticked that has a little star by it.

You don’t need them! Really you don’t!

One or other of the super 7 natural cleaning essentials at the top of my list will do it for you!! Now obviously I am not suggesting you chuck out unfinished products all at once.

Just make sure you don’t replace them when they’re done.


Invest to Save

The biggest way I have cut down on crazy cleaning products is by using micro-fibre cloths. Now obviously I had to fork out for them initially but over a year they saved me money.

I got going with the micro-fibre starter pack from e-Cloth and was completely won over. My house was cleaner in less time and I was able to banish nasty chemicals from the house that I just don’t want my family exposed to.

I then bought other products, like the window cleaning clothstainless steel cloth & the mop when I could afford them … and seriously love them all!

If you want to claim back your cleaning cupboard from pricey, chemical-ridden clutter AND detox your house, I can’t recommend them enough.


Housework Essentials Shopping List

So this is my full shopping list of housework essentials including with an asterix all things I used to buy that you can swap out …

…. for a really simple one pager on how to use natural cleaning products for every household job check out my 7 natural cleaning essentials post …


White vinegar Baking soda/bicarb Cream of tartar Salt
Citric acid Hydrogen peroxide Micro Fibre Cloths
Rubber gloves Cling film
Stainless steel cloth Foil
Stove scrubber Greaseproof paper
*Anti-bacterial spray Kitchen roll (small amounts of it!)
*Cream cleaner Freezer / lunch bags
*Lime scale remover
*Oven cleaner BATHROOM
Toilet brush
DUSTING Toilet brush heads
Feather duster Toilet paper
Micro fibre dusters *Toilet cleaner
Silver polish
*Wood polish spray HYGIENE
*Dusting spray Soap
Hand gel – for when you’re out
LAUNDRY *Hand stain remover
Laundry detergent
Fabric conditioner MAINTENANCE
Pegs, pegs, pegs *Plug hole un-blocker
*Laundry bleach *De-scaler liquid
*Stain removers
TRASH *Ant powder
Bin bags – big *Insect spray
Bin bags – small *Moth sachets
Mop Batteries … A, AA, AAA, MN1300 etc
Vacuum cleaner bags Fuses … 3, 5, 15 amp
Vacuum cleaner filters Bulbs … screw(es) + bayonet(bc)
*Quick floor cleaner
*Floor soap STATIONARY
Printer paper
DISH WASHING Printer cartridges
Dish washing liquid Biros
Dish washer tablets Blue tack
Dish brush Envelopes
Scouring pad Sellotape
*Rinse aid Stamps
Window cleaning cloth Wrapping paper
*Window cleaning spray

I do hope you find this helpful … if you are looking for more quick tips, do check out our other cleaning and organisation posts.

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  1. I’m a big fan of using eco friendly cleaners too. It’s great you reduced your must have list! If you are interested, I’m sure you can reduce it further by swapping out some of the disposables like the batteries for reusables, such as rechargeable batteries. I keep a few regular batteries on hand for just in case but for most items like TV remotes and games, rechargeables work well for us. I also almost never use the items under your Food Storage list once we started using food storage containers for leftovers, open cheese, etc. it keeps the food fresher too because cling film never seems to stick like it should 🙁

  2. Just found you through Pinworthy Project link party- what a helpful post! I’m getting ready to move into a new house and will be taking this checklist with me!

    Lindsay @

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