Mardi Gras craft activities for kids

Mardi gras activities for kids

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Here’s a list of ten brilliantly fun Mardi Gras crafts and activities for kids to enjoy during the Mardi Gras celebrations. 


Mardi Gras crafts and activities for kids

Mardi Gras is the last chance to party on down before Lent starts.

Plus it’s a fabulous opportunity for some super fun Mardi Gras activities with kids. 

Activities that can actually help them appreciate the thoughtfulness and sacrifice of Lent much more.

So here is 10 simple activities, that don’t require a tonne of organisation, to help your kids get into the Mardi Gras spirit


Brilliant Mardi Gras activities 

Whether you live in a country where Mardi Gras is celebrated with a huge carnival, or whether you simply fancy creating your own Mardi Gras carnival for the kids at home, you really should check out these fabulous Mardi Gras activities for kids.


Mardi Gras Crown

You could use any paper crown base for your Mardi Gras flourishes but I do love this idea from Alpha Mom which is brilliantly made from a soda bottle …


Shoe Box Float

Have your own Mardi Gras parade complete with a shoebox float like this one from Mardi Gras Outlet for the teddies …



You could easily make your own Mardi Gras doubloons … or if you are out of time, buy them from Amazon and then have your own game of Mardi Gras coin toss …


Make Jewellery

You could whip up necklaces with green and purple beads … Shindigz have got loads of them if you can’t find locally … or make your own purple & green painted pasta or straw jewellery or just cover some cardboard shapes in green & purple glitter like these fabulous ones from Projects for Pre-schoolers 


Mardi Gras Masks

You really don’t need a template … any mask shape will do.

Just cover it with whatever you’ve got remembering of course that at Mardi Gras at least more is most definitely more … πŸ˜‰

But if you’re looking for inspiration you’ll love these …

The Iowa Farmer’s Wife

Skip to My Lou

Craft Jr


Jester Hat

Jester’s hat are super simple but if you’re short on time Mardi Gras Outlet and First Palette both have templates that will give you a craft activity read to go …



You could make simple shakers with painted bottles and rice like these from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas … and if you really wanted some noise for your parade, buy some kazoos …


King Cake

Louisiana blogger Michelle Meche has a great post with step by step instructions on how to make a King Cake and explanations of the symbolism of the cake … you might not want to tackle the brioche dough with kids but they can certainly help with the decorating and … of course .. eating πŸ™‚


Pancake Race

Source MK Web

Now obviously I am completely mixing up traditions here, but in the UK you couldn’t mark the eve of Lent without a pancake race and a huge pile of pancakes.

So do check out our pancake toppings post, it has a 100 ideas and recipes for making delicious pancakes. 

I’ve also got an Easter section with lots of ideas and inspiration for Easter, including:

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