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Space Activities For Kids

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Here’s a roundup of some of the most brilliant space activities for kids to play and learn from. STEM crafts that children’s can make and create to learn about space.

Space Activities For Kids

We are space junkies in our house.

Doctor Who … and the fabulous Sarah Jane Adventures … have a lot to answer for.

But in my defence, my grandpa and grandma both worked on Britains first rocket programme in the 1930s …

How cool is that?

One of the things I love about everything to do with space is that it brings out such a complete sense of wonderment in everyone from 4 to 94!

My daughter’s interest in the planets was first sparked by some cool pictures of Saturn …

… she was beyond excited to discover that Saturn was “her” planet as she’s born in January.

As she’s found out more she’s had great fun creating her own inter-planetary top trumps based on the rest of the family’s planets; mummy’s is the biggest and has the most moons 🙂

And although it’s been a bit cold for star gazing she’s been able to find … with the help of Star Chart on the iPad … Jupiter, Orion, the Dippers, Sirius & more from the bedroom windows.

We were able to discover more about the structure of the solar system including the asteroid belt from a Solar System puzzle and even better it got my 94-year-old grandma talking about her days working on the rocket programme.

It was so inspiring for my daughter to hear this first hand from her great-grandma.

We’re very excited about a planned visit to the National Space Museum to find out more about the rocket programme my grandparents worked on but in the meantime we’ve been on the lookout for fun space activities and are absolutely loving these …

Most of them are super simple from things you’ve already got handy in the house and don’t need you need to bone up too much on your long-forgotten school science.

Space Activities for Kids

1. Constellation Rocks

Constellations with Rocks … Creekside Learning

2. Balloon rockets

Balloon Rockets … Paging Fun Mums

3. make your own bottle rocket

Launch Your Own Rocket … Science Sparks

4. DIY constellation viewer

Constellation Viewer … School Time Snippets

5. Playdough planets

Playdough Planets … Childhood Beckons

6. junk model space rocket

Junk Model Space Rockets … Nurture Store

7. paper plate planets

Paper Plate Planets – Se7en Hoods

8. diy telescope

DIY Telescope … Hands On As We Grow

9. constellation lacing

Constellation Lacing … Sorting Sprinkles

10. space units for kids

Explore the size of the galaxy  … Teach Beside Me

11. oreo phases of the moon

Oreo Phases of the Moon … How to Home School My Child


Crayon Resist Stars … Arsty Momma


Footprint Rocket Picture … Fun Hand Print Art

I hope you’ve found some space activity inspiration for home-schooling, for the classroom or for simply having fun whilst your kids play and learn about space. Want more space activities? Read the post on How To Make Rockets Fly.

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Wednesday 17th of June 2020

Wow that was wonderful activity, I really liked it


Wednesday 26th of August 2020

Brilliant, I am so pleased!


Saturday 22nd of March 2014

Oh, what fun!! My husband looks at space things with my daughter since he loves it. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

Angela Shear

Tuesday 18th of March 2014

Cute! My youngest (age 6) is learning about space at the moment. He made a book about the phases of the moon - which apparently are "full moon", "half moon", "crescent moon" and "nearly gone moon".

Will have to try some of these activities with him.

Angela @ A Typical English Home

Karen Bell

Sunday 16th of March 2014

Lots of great ideas here, thanks.#PoCoLo

Victoria Welton

Friday 14th of March 2014

Oh I love that footprint rocket! This is a great post, thank you so much for sharing with PoCoLo x