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I’ve put together a list of easy homemade pancake batter recipes for you to choose from. There are recipes for English style pancakes, French crêpes, Breton galettes and fluffy American style pancakes.

Pancake batter is actually really easy to make and pancakes can be used as main courses, desserts or snacks, depending on whether you add sweet or savoury fillings.

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Easy pancake batter recipes



So simple. 

And I love simple when it comes to cooking!

But which kind of pancake to make? 


Well yes, there are various different kinds of pancakes out there.


Being a Brit I love a good ‘ole fashioned English pancake… which I must admit is pretty much the same as the French crêpe, so much so that we probably stole the recipe from the French some time back in the day. 

Talking of French pancakes, as well as the crêpe there’s also the Breton galette, which is a speciality of Brittany / Norther France, using buckwheat and usually served with a savoury topping or filling. 

Oh and buckwheat is totally gluten-free, so nice for those that try to avoid gluten / are celiac. 

Moving across the Atlantic ocean, there’s the American pancake, usually to be found loitering in stacks at the diner for brunch! 

I could go on, but this post will be never ending…. 

So here’s the useful bit… three easy pancake recipes that are utterly delicious.

Pick a recipe, then use it to make pancakes for Pancake Day / Shrove Tuesday / Mardi Gras... or for breakfast… or brunch… or simply because you fancy having a pancake. 


So there you go, that’s the pancake recipes nailed… 

For pancake toppings ideas, you need to check out our 100 pancake toppings ideas post.

They’re all super simple, chuck em on and enjoy them toppings ideas, some sweet, some savoury.

You’re welcome 😉 

Looking for an easy pancake recipe? Here's 3 easy recipes for homemade pancakes, one for English pancakes (pretty much the same as the French crêpe), American pancakes and the French Breton galette, which is a gluten-free savoury pancake. #pancakes #pancakeday #MardiGras #ShroveTuesday #Breakfast #breakfastrecipes #Brunchideas #Brunch
Easy pancake batter recipes