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Delicious ideas for sweet pancake toppings

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Following on from my post on delicious ideas for savoury pancake toppings, here are some of the most delicious ideas for sweet pancake toppings. 


Delicious ideas for sweet pancake toppings

Pancake day is my favourite day of the year, it even beats Christmas!

Well ok, not quite. But I LOVE pancakes. 

Which is why I’ve put together a list of 100 pancake toppings ideas for both sweet and savoury pancake toppings. 

You can find the list of the sweet toppings ideas below and click savoury pancakes toppings to get some great ideas for savoury pancake toppings. 


Sweet pancake toppings

1. Homemade salted caramel sauce 

Usually I’m all about the lemon and sugar on sweet pancakes, but THIS… THIS!!!

Oh my it is my idea of pancake heaven!!

HOMEMADE SALTED CARAMEL SAUCE recipe, pancake topping

Homemade salted caramel sauce | Live Well Bake Often


2. Mango mohito pancakesmango mojito pancakes topping idea

Mango mohito pancakes | Waitrose Magazine


3. Crêpe Suzette with honey cream cheese


Crêpe Suzette with honey cream cheese | The Cooking Spoon


4. Crêpe Suzette 

flambeed crepe suzette pancake recipe

Crêpe Suzette | My Parisian Kitchen


5. Skinny chocolate banana oatmeal pancakes 


Skinny chocolate banana oatmeal pancakes | Inside Bru Crew Life


6. Caramel oranges and almond ice cream pancakes

Pancakes With Caramel Oranges & Almond Ice Cream

Caramel oranges and almond ice cream pancakes | Domestic Gothess


7. Three minute easy chocolate sauce 

three minute easy chocolate sauce recipe for pancake toppings

Three minute easy chocolate sauce | Foodie Baker


8. Best ever hot fudge sauce 

best ever hot fudge sauce recipe for pancake toppings

Best ever hot fudge sauce | The Café Sucre Farine 


9. Classic lemon and sugar pancakes

classic lemon and sugar pancake toppings recipe

Classic lemon and sugar pancakes | BBC Food


10. Homemade strawberry sauce 

homemade strawberry sauce pancake topping

Homemade strawberry sauce | House of Yum


More sweet pancake topping recipe ideas

  1. Lemon juice and sugar & blueberries
  2. Orange juice and sugar
  3. Orange and lemon juice, sugar & Grand Marnièr or brandy
  4. Orange juice and sugar & strawberries
  5. Maple syrup – pure and simply delicious!
  6. Maple syrup and blueberries
  7. Maple syrup and bacon
  8. Maple syrup and bacon & beer
  9. Maple syrup with a splash of rum
  10. Maple syrup with a splash of whiskey
  11. Maple syrup with chopped pecans
  12. Maple syrup with pear
  13. Maple syrup and coconut (warm maple syrup, coconut milk & brown sugar in pan)
  14. Golden syrup
  15. Syrup and buttermilk
  16. Coconut syrup (sugar, water, butter & coconut extract)
  17. Chocolate sauce and cream
  18. Chocolate sauce and cream and flaked almonds
  19. Chocolate sauce and ice cream
  20. Chocolate sauce and banana & hazelnut
  21. Chocolate sauce and poached apple
  22. Chocolate sauce and Grand Marnièr
  23. Chocolate sauce and cherries
  24. Chocolate sauce and cake or ice-cream sprinkles
  25. Chocolate sauce and pastry cream (as in Boston cream pea aka confectioners custard)
  26. Greek yoghurt
  27. Greek yoghurt and blueberries
  28. Greek yoghurt and mixed berries
  29. Greek yoghurt and honey
  30. Greek yoghurt and mango
  31. Greek yoghurt and raspberry & lemon juice
  32. Peaches and cream
  33. Peaches and caramel sauce
  34. Strawberries and cream
  35. Strawberries and cream & chocolate sauce
  36. Strawberries and cream & chocolate sauce and hazel nuts
  37. Mixed berry syrup
  38. Mixed berries with brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, all spice and cream
  39. Mixed berries and  cardamon
  40. Honey
  41. Honey and cashews
  42. Banana
  43. Banana and honey
  44. Banana and honey & walnut
  45. Banana and honey & greek yoghurt & toasted almonds
  46. Banana and brown sugar
  47. Banana and bannoffe sauce (melt butter, sugar, syrup & water & stir in cream)
  48. Pineapple slices with icing sugar
  49. Cinnamon
  50. Cinnamon and poached apple
  51. Cinnamon and cream cheese glaze
  52. Ginger and poached apple
  53. Ginger and poached pear
  54. Creme fraiche
  55. Ice cream
  56. Ice cream and blueberries and honey
  57. Chocolate ice cream and banana
  58. Mascarpone and cherries
  59. Mascarpone and lemon curd
  60. Mascarpone and blueberries
  61. Lemon curd
  62. Lemon curd & blueberries
  63. Cranberry sauce
  64. Nutella
  65. Nutella and banana
  66. Cocoa powder
  67. Lemon meringue pie filling
  68. Glacé icing and cake sprinkles
  69. Ricotta cheese and honey
  70. Ricotta cheese and blueberries
  71. Ricotta cheese and lemon curd
  72. Ricotta cheese and lemon curd & raspberries
  73. Peanut butter and banana


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