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Here are some very simple ways to save money at Christmas. 

It’s very easy for finances to get completely out of hand at Christmas.

We are constantly bombarded with Christmas messaging from as early as September until Christmas Eve.

Buy more!

Buy more!

Is essentially what the messaging is telling us to do.

Even if the messages do come gift-wrapped in beautifully made extended television adverts from the nation’s favourite department stores.

But does spending more money equal having a better Christmas?

I think we all know the real answer to that.

But still it is so easy to be seduced each year.

So how best to save money at Christmas time without feeling like Scrooge incarnate?

Here’s a list of some simple ways you can save money this Christmas.


  1. Start out with a plan, planning always saves money. Draw up a Christmas to do list using my ultimate Christmas to do list printable
  2. Work out a maximum budget and stick to it! Use my Christmas gift planner google sheet to track your budget
  3. Split budget between main areas of spend e.g. food, presents, decorations
  4. Define a maximum spend for main items in each area
  5. Keep tally of my spend and constantly calculate how much I’ve got left
  6. Go through each item in your grocery shopping list and find cheaper alternatives
  7. Agree gift opt out with other grown ups
  8. Or agree to make a charity donation rather than exchange gifts
  9. And agree present price cap with everyone else in family
  10. Get a cash back credit card but DON’T use card to increase budget!
  11. Cut daily spend in run up to Christmas e.g. coffee, newspapers, treats
  12. Write a food shopping list and look for offers and coupons on everything on it
  13. Look for new or gently used items on e.g. eBay, Freecycle or CraigsList
  14. Facetime or Zoom call the family on Christmas day rather than phoning them.
  15. Recycle last year’s Christmas cards to use as gift tags
  16. Christmas cards … make your own Christmas cards
  17. Send eChristmas cards instead of mailing real ones
  18. Only wrap a few of kids presents … put rest in pillow case sack
  19. Make gift bags from scraps of fabrics
  20. Use cheap alternatives to wrapping paper e.g. brown paper, newspaper, kids pictures, butcher’s paper, wrapping paper scraps
  21. Create gift boxes from painted cardboard boxes, food tins
  22. Make your own lovely stocking stuffers
  23. Make beautiful handmade decorations
  24. Collect pine cones to make decorations, garlands and wreaths
  25. Forage for holly and pine for wreaths, mantels and picture frames
  26. Chocolates … make own own chocolates as gifts
  27. Home made gifts … there are still hundreds of lovely home made gifts that you can make, even if you’re not a crafter
  28. Organise your own Santa’s grotto with neighbours
  29. Go to free Christmas carol concerts rather than expensive shows
  30. Buy a Christmas tree with roots so it can be used again next year
  31. Sell unused clutter … free up space AND earn cash by selling that clutter
  32. Use my Ultimate list of 100+ Christmas planning tips to make sure you don’t miss any opportunities to save money this Christmas


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Carolyn Henderson -- This Woman Writes

Wednesday 30th of September 2015

I have always been sad that Christmas is associated with spending too much money -- I know there's a lot of pressure to buy things for EVERYONE!

We limit our purchases to pretty much our family, and every member of the family, from the time they were young children, bought a gift, and we encouraged the budget to be low. The main thing for us is Christmas morning, when we sit around in the living room, and one by one, open up each person's gift. It's as much fun for the giver as it is for the one receiving the gift, and as the years go by, we still use, and remember, the presents that we have given one another. (It takes a couple hours, when you've got 6-some people, but the process itself is the gift!)


Sunday 27th of September 2015

This is a great list! Now, to stick with it! I find I buy early to save and then keep finding stuff, especially for the grandkids! I need to learn to stop shopping!

Kassi Mortensen

Friday 22nd of November 2013

Tons of GREAT tips!!! Thanks for sharing with us at Fancy This Fridays!!! We featured your post today!! :)


Tuesday 19th of November 2013

Great tips, I like to save a few extra dollars!! Would love for you to come and share at my link party