10 Green Cleaning Essentials

10 DIY Green Cleaning EssentialsGreen cleaning sounds great.
I mean surely we all want to ditch the nasty chemicals in cleaning products that are bad for our kids and the planet.

But … and there is a but, a big one!!! … green cleaning can just seem like an invitation to spend a small fortune on totally lovely but utterly extortionate fancy products!
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A Lightning Fast Declutter

"Declutter fast - a lightning fast declutter when you have got no timeNow some people would have you believe that if you immaculately fold your t-shirts your life will somehow be clutter free!


Motherhood? Crisply, folded t-shirts? Really?? It’s not happening is it? Read more

Fun Free Stuff To Do In London With Kids

London with kids ... totally different FREE stuff to do in London with kidsMost of the time I’m with Dr Johnson, when you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life.

But you know what? If the Dr had had to battle London with kids in the school holidays even he would have wearied a little!!!! Read more

The alternative way to get rid of nits – that works!

Nit treatments - a must read on what to do if your kids get hair nits and liceWant to know the only nit and lice treatment method you’ll ever need? One that doesn’t involve putting nasty chemicals on your precious child’s head?

One that actually works?

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Time Travel Books for Kids

Kids books - brilliant time travel books for kids I have to confess we are total time travel junkies in our house.

We have been known to get ever so mildly obsessed with Doctor Who.

(We have Dalek cutters for cripes sake!)

And in those lulls of inactivity from the Doctor we lap up time travel books.

And these are just a few of our fave time travel books for kids. Read more

Scary Books For Kids

Scary books for kids ... Some seriously good books for kids that are super scaryUh oh!

Scary books for kids!

It’s a tricky one isn’t it?

Is it really a good idea for our kids to read stuff that’s going to scare them witless?

That might give them bad dreams?

And have them running down the landing to jump in your bed in the middle of the night? Read more

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