Sunday, 16 November 2014

Christmas Gifts For Dads

This last week, I've been putting together a list of possible gifts for M to give her daddy - and for me to give my dad.

Given that shopping for daddies / men in general can be one of the trickiest tasks of the festive season, I thought I'd share my list of Christmas gift ideas with you...

So, if you will, have a little peruse of the gift ideas below, all of them are available to buy online, because I do like to try and make your lives a little easier if I can...

Mason Jar Home Organisation

Mason Jars are beautiful things, both lovely to look at and wonderfully practical.

If you love Mason Jars as much as we do at Mums Make Lists, you'll know there's nothing better than a Mason Jar to turn boring home storage organisation into beautiful home storage organisation.

Here's the Mums Make Lists guide to some really rocking ideas for using Mason Jars to organise your home.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Space Saving Toys & Games

It's that time of year when parents look at their child's bedroom or playroom and wonder how on earth they are going to cope with an influx of more toys come Christmas #FirstWorldProblems.

Well, Alice and I have been scratching our heads for a way round this - one that doesn't disappoint the kiddos, but does provide a solution to the headache of storing copious toys. Here's what we've come up with....

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Christmas Chocolate and Candy

So many of my most special memories of Christmas from my childhood are about chocolate and sweets :-)

Not just any-old-week-in-week-out-humdrum sorts of chocolates but the most delicious fudge lovingly hand made by my grandpa.

Chocolate and truffles with the most exquisite-coloured-only-seen-at-Christmas soft centres.

Candied peel stolen from mum's baking.

Great jars of real gum drops

Saturday, 8 November 2014

20 Beautiful Washi Tape Christmas Craft Ideas

Hands up who is having a Washi Tape moment? *Raises hand*.

So during this moment I've trawled the internet for the loveliest Washi tape Christmas craft ideas... ways to use Washi tape to create unique homemade Christmas decorations, ornaments, candle holders, wreaths, cards, gift wrap.... and advent calendars... all decorated with Washi.

And to make sure you're all set to get Washi Taping your way towards Christmas, you can find some great Washi Tape to buy over on Etsy, Amazon (US) / Amazon (UK)

Ooh and I also happened across this lovely looking book: Washi Tape Christmas: Easy Holiday Craft Ideas With Washi Tape, which you can buy here: (UK) (US)