What To Read After Harry Potter

Kids books - what to read after Harry PotterOh my lord, what are you going to do?

How will you survive?

It’s a total catastrophe!

Yep. Your kids have finished Harry Potter!!! Read more

Must Make Pasta Sauce

Pasta sauce - easiest ever, super healthy, bulk cook pasta sauce you can use in everything from spag bol to curryOK, so you HAVE to make this pasta sauce!

It’s not at all fancy pants.

BUT it IS stupidly easy AND crazily cheap.

AND it’s crammed full of look-after-your-heart veggies, you can hide from your kids. Read more

Bug Fun For Kids

Bug fun with kids ... simple fun ways to raise bugs with your kidsWe’re waiting with baited breath ….

… our very, very hungry caterpillars have just made their chrysalises … and we’re dying to see our butterflies emerge. Read more

10 Best Ever Kids Jokes


Best ever kids jokes ... 10 best ever kids jokes that every mum needs up sleeveSo, I have a new job!

I have been officially appointed … cue massive drum roll! … chief jester and clown at the court of my 6 year old. Read more

Healing plants to grow with kids

Ricola 75th Anniversary, Healing Plants, Plants to grow with kids, gardening with kidsWe all know gardening is a fun healthy outdoor activity for kids. But have you ever thought of growing plants with healing properties to teach kids about the healing power of nature? It’s a great science lesson wrapped up in physical outdoor activity.

Read more

10 Minute Workout for Busy Mums

Workout for busy mums ... the amazing 10 minute workout for busy mums that's fun and family friendly and makes you feel a whole lot hurry scurry insideHurry. Scurry. Juggle. Drop.

Is that your day? It certainly feels like mine.

And too often the thing that gets dropped – so I can keep all the other balls in the air! – is me time, mummy time. And particularly any time for this mummy to exercise!

But hold onto your seats girls ‘cos I really, truly have found the best ever mum-friendly all over 10 minute workout. Read more

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