The best stocking filler ideas for kids

Stocking filler ideas for kids, children's stocking filler ideas

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I’ve put together a list of the best stocking filler ideas for kids. The list is full of toys, games, treats, gadgets and other stuff that kids will actually LOVE, rather than things that will end up discarded in the blink of an eye. 


Stocking filler ideas for kids 

In our Christmas family tradition, the Christmas stocking is for giving kids some small gifts that they can open the second they wake up.

This gives all the adults in the household slightly longer to wake up before Christmas day really kicks in. 

But is there anything more tricky than creating perfect Christmas stockings for the kids? 

Especially given that Christmas is expensive and filling stockings is usually done on a budget of what’s left after bigger gifts have been bought.

Which means we can often end up feeling out of money and out of clever ideas. 

I’m always keen to avoid the kind of cheap plastic stocking fillers that kids have lost interest in within seconds. 

So I’ve put together a list of great stocking filler ideas for kids that they can craft, create, or stimulate their minds with. 

I used my post on alternative party bag ideas for kids for inspiration, as it’s one of the most popular posts on Mums Make Lists. 

There are making kits, brain teaser style games, fun games all the family can play and art materials for budding artists. 

Oh and I’ve made sure that the stocking filler ideas are all well priced, so they won’t break the Christmas bank. 

Children’s stocking filler ideas list

Art and craft stocking fillers

Craft gifts make great stocking fillers, they can provide instant entertainment for the lulls in the Christmas day festivities.

Lulls such as when the Christmas meal is being prepared or after everyone has eaten and all the adults want to flop in a comfortable chair for an hour or two. 

Sloth keyring making kit

Sloths are having a bit of a moment which means this sew-it-yourself sloth keyring making kit is sure to be a big hit.Β 

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Make your own super-hero mask 

This super-hero mask kit is perfect for kids aged three years and upwards. Children can use the mask base, cut outs, felt embellishments and gems to create their favourite superhero mask. 

Stocking filler ideas for kids who love super heroes, stocking filler ideas for 7 year old boys

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Origami making kit

Djeco is one of my favourite kids’ brands, they create beautifully coloured, beautifully crafted games, kits and toys for kids. 

This Djeco paper planes origami kit is an absolute classic.

Djeco Origami Kit - Aeroplanes

Perfect for making and playing with the grandparents on Christmas morning!

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Personalised ‘Save Our Oceans’ craft kit

I adore this gift with a message! The current generation of kids is hugely environmentally aware, so this ‘Save our oceans’ craft kit should go down a treat. 

Childrens stocking filler ideas, eco-friendly Christmas gift idea for kids

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Personalised coloured pencils

What better than a set of 12 coloured pencils for art loving kids? A set of 12 PERSONALISED coloured pencils. That’s what. 

Personalised colouring pencils, Stocking filler gift ideas, stocking filler gift ideas for kids

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Sock unicorn craft kit

This crafty sewing kit has everything you need to make an adorable Sock Unicorn. Children under 12 may need supervision. 

Sock unicorn craft kit, stocking filler gift ideas

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Munchkin bath crayons

Now these bath crayons are just brilliant. What better way to make a Christmas day bath both desirable for over-excited kids and fun?! 

Munchkin Bath Time Toy Crayons - Multi-Coloured, Pack of 5

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Sidewalk chalk

Sidewalk chalk gives kids the chance to get creative outside.

It’s amazing that even in winter my daughter and her friends love to get drawing on the paving stones with her giant chalk sticks

Of course it’s super useful when the rain comes to wash it all away. 

Coloured Chalk For Children Tub Of 20 Giant Assorted Colours

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Play-doh party pack

Play-doh is always a sensory winner with kids of all ages. 
I love this Play-Doh Party Pack, it’s a tube filled with 10 small cans of Play-Doh. 

Play-Doh Party Pack

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Games stocking fillers 

I know that it’s all about the tech for kids these days.

But give them some fun analogue games and you might be surprised by just how much fun they have with them, without even noticing they aren’t staring at a screen. 

Qwerkle travel set 

We bought the full-size version of Qwerkle four years ago and we still love it.

In fact it’s an extended family favourite, with adults and kids alike. 

So I can whole-heartedly recommend the Qwerkle travel set as a stocking filler. 

Qwerkle is all about building lines of tiles that match in either shape or colour. 

It’s a LOT harder than it looks and there is a lot of strategy to work through. 

MindWare 0736970521329 Qwirkle Game - Travel Size

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Dobble is fast becoming a modern classic of the games world. 

It’s a game of speed, observation and reflexes in a race to find the matching cards ahead of your competitors. 

The images can be different in size and are placed on any part of the card, plus every card is different and has only one picture in common with every other card in the deck.

There are five mini games within the pack, so you can literally never get bored of Dobble. 

Asmodee Dobble Card Game

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Uno is another modern classic, it’s a card game of matching colours and numbers. 

We love Uno for long lazy family lunches at our local gastropub. 

There are special action cards and also wild cards for extra elements of fun and challenge. 

UNO Cards

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STEM stocking stuffers

4M Lemon clock 

Set the kids up creating energy with this 4M Lemon Clock

It’s a great way to learn about electricity and chemical reactions. 

Please note, the lemon is NOT included!!!

Kidz Lab make a lemon clock, Best STEM gifts, Best STEM Christmas gifts for kids, stocking filler ideas for kids

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Rubik’s Twist

Back in the day we called this the Rubik’s ‘snake’, but apparently it is now the Rubik’s Twist

Unlike the original Rubik’s Cube, there are no wrong answers with the Twist! 

There are also unlimited possibilities. Great for getting those synapses sparking!

Rubik's Twist from Ideal

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Outdoor adventures microscope

See the great outdoor world in a different way with the Outdoor Adventure Microscope.

It’s great for looking for wildlife as it has 20x to 40x magnification with built in LEDs which will illuminate small objects so you can see them clearly. There’s a detachable lanyard, so it is easy to carry around outside. 

Brainstorm Toys Outdoor Adventure Microscope

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Tangram puzzle set

Tangrams are Chinese geometrical puzzles that consist of a square cut into seven pieces which can be arranged to make various other shapes.

Tangram puzzles promote imagination and improve eye-hand coordination. Plus they promote colour and shape recognition for younger children. 

Schmidt Spiele 51406 "Tangram - Children Learning Game

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IQ Puzzler Pro

This IQ Puzzler Pro game is suitable for kids from 6+ and has 101 progressive challenges that develop logical ability. 

We’ve had this game for a couple of months and it comes with us on all our travels, it is such a mind twister for kids of all ages!

Don’t worry though, there is a booklet with all the solutions – so you can cheat if you’re finding your child is way ahead of you!!

Smart Games - IQ Puzzler Pro

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Random other ideas

Story-time dice 

These handmade engraved wood story-time dice come in a lovely personalised bag. They are a super fun way to make story-time flow more easily, giving added inspiration and fun. 

There are three dice: one with six different places or settings on it; one with six different characters; one with six different objects or items. 

personalised story-time dice, stocking filler ideas for three year old girl, stocking filler ideas for 4 year old boy

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I really hope you find this stocking filler ideas list useful and that your kids love the ideas you choose for their Christmas stockings this year. 

I’ve got a whole bunch of other useful Christmas posts in the Christmas section of Mums Make Lists. 

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Stocking filler ideas, stocking filler ideas for kids, children's stocking filler ideas

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  1. What an awesome list! I never would have thought to put some of these things in as stocking stuffers, but they’re such good ideas. Thanks for linking up at Whatever Goes Wednesday. This was the most viewed link at last week’s party, so we’ll be highlighting it at tomorrow’s party. Thanks for always coming over and linking up. Your links are consistently in the top 10 most viewed. We hope you’ll keep coming back to party with us!!

  2. These are wonderful gift ideas, but how does a terrarium, floor cushion, or pair of boots fit into a stocking????? Do you use very large stockings for Christmas?

  3. And there was me thinking I was the only person who put underpants, socks and a new flannel in their children’s sockings! (They did get other, fun things too)
    When I was little I always had a new pack of felt pens, I LOVED them and kept them in their packet in rainbow order till at least February!

  4. Alice…I am in search of new stockings this year so I will definitely have to pick one of these for us to create out own. thanks again for linking up. I wish I had some christmas already to link up here. Soon. I cannot believe you are already working towards. Very impressed. πŸ™‚

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